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Living in Kirkland: Little Known Facts

As Seattle continues to grow and develop as a hub for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, the housing demand in neighboring cities has also gone up. One of these suburbs is the forested region of Kirkland — a great location for those looking to avoid the fast-paced life of downtown Seattle, but still hoping to be within commuting distance. Kirkland was…

How to Throw a Housewarming Party in 15 Easy Steps

After moving into a new home and spending some time settling in, many people want to meet their neighbors and start integrating into the community. If you've just moved, you’ve likely already had a few neighbors introduce themselves, and maybe one of two even brought over a housewarming token when they saw the moving vans in the street. If you’re…

6 Tips For Meeting Your Neighbors After A Move

What are the best ways to meet your neighbors and develop a community after moving to a new area? Community is important, and chances are that if you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood you might be feeling a distinct lack of community immediately following your move. One of the most effective (and fastest) ways to start a new community…

8 Tips to Help You Move in Bad Weather

This guest post is from Angela Pearse, a blogger for Zumper who frequently combines travel with freelance writing. She’s passionate about Art Deco hotels, historical novels, Netflix, hiking and healthy living. Moving is hard at the best of times. But, add moving in bad weather into the mix and you have a whole new host of problems to deal with.…

Tips to Choosing the Best Student Moving Services in Seattle

Moving to a new area can be both exciting and scary. You’re getting ready to start the next chapter in your life, and the possibilities that lie before you are seemingly endless. If you’re a student making this move, however, you have the added stress of trying to plan a move while also dealing with your classes and the work…