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Stop at one of the many acclaimed restaurants in Fremont while pausing your exploration of one of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods. Fremont holds plenty of culinary delights for anyone who loves good food. You may argue that Capitol Hill boasts a better food scene, but Fremont can stand its ground in terms of variety.

Rediscover the joy of finding new places to whet your appetite. Take your pick from a wide range of cuisines to bring out the gourmand in you. Below, we present a list of the best restaurants in Fremont, Seattle.

Fantastic Fremont Restaurants

  1. Meesha at Pomerol
  2. Dreamland Bar & Diner
  3. Fremont Bowl
  4. Russell’s
  5. Simply Desserts

Meesha at Pomerol

Chef Preeti Agarwal brings the spicy delights of Indian cuisine to Seattle. Meesha, once a monthly pop-up diner, is now one of the best Indian restaurants in Seattle. The menu offers dishes like Connaught butter chicken, Benarasi scallops, Goan prawns, and Rarah keema pao. The restaurant also provides a vegan menu.

Dreamland Bar & Diner

The Dreamland Bar & Diner features a gigantic patio and offers many enticing drinking options. The diner’s superb decor and top-notch menu make it a must-visit. The menu includes chicken and waffles, cocktails, avocado toast, and more.

Fremont Bowl

The Fremont Bowl is a Japanese restaurant offering fast-casual eating options. Try out its donburi with poke, sukiyaki, and tonkatsu. Seafood lovers can take delight in the chirashi-don, which comes loaded with salmon, shrimp, tuna, and more. Vegans can also find delicious offerings.


Specializing in handcrafted cocktails, Russell’s is a terrific watering hole where you can spend your weekends. The bar features wooden booths, unique cocktails, and superb draft beers. Take in the cozy, casual atmosphere while enjoying tasty food and creative beverages.

Simply Desserts

Simply Desserts is a small bakery that offers exceptional cakes. The menu includes cookies, brownies, cakes, and espresso drinks. Note that the restaurant only accepts cash. Place a cherry on top of your experience by trying the outstanding lemon blueberry cake.

Top Restaurants in Fremont

  1. Manolin
  2. Art of the Table
  3. Eve Fremont
  4. Red Star Taco Bar
  5. Kamonegi
  6. Swel


Manolin on Stone Way is one the best restaurants in Fremont. As a New American eatery, Manolin offers cocktails, seafood, oysters, and more. We recommend trying any of its famous octopus dishes.

Combine the oyster dishes with the cocktails for a complete experience. You can also order the squid with chorizo and black rice or the rockfish ceviche.

Art of the Table

This family-operated, fine-dining establishment features exquisite, farm-inspired cuisine, making it one of the best places to eat in Fremont. Art of the Table perfectly blends Asian cuisine with local Pacific Northwest ingredients. The restaurant also has a superb tasting menu with excellent wine pairings.

Eve Fremont

Eve represents an upmarket, clean-eating restaurant that identifies itself as women-owned. The decor here brings the hippie culture from the 70s to life, and the atmosphere makes it perfect for families and romantic dates.

We recommend the Eve bison burger and the grilled and raw vegetables served with tahini goddess.

Red Star Taco Bar

The Red Star Taco Bar represents one of the best places for breakfast in Fremont, Seattle. This modest restaurant offers 16 delicious taco types. Find everything from Mexican food to Southwestern cuisine at this vegetarian-friendly establishment.

Do try out their vegetarian sriracha honey tofu offerings and the buffalo chicken.


Kamonegi, a tiny Japanese restaurant in Fremont, specializes in seasonal tempura and handmade ni-hachi soba noodles. This women-owned eatery features delicious Japanese cuisine prepared by star chef Mutsuko Soma.

We recommend ordering the critically acclaimed soba dishes, especially the nanban and siero.


We cannot complete our list of the best restaurants in the Fremont neighborhood without SWeL. This restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere and amazing Italian food to help you relax after a long week. It features unique decor, a patio, and an on-site bar for thirsty visitors.

The flatbread pizzas here represent some of the best you can find in Seattle. The staff functions like a well-oiled machine, leaving little to complain about, service-wise.

Best Restaurant to Satisfy Your Appetite

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