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Moving can be a stressful experience, but by partnering with our expert Mercer Island movers, you can mitigate moving anxiety and enjoy a smooth transition to your new location. 

Our professional team at On The Go Moving is composed of experienced and helpful local Mercer Island movers. We’ve got every skill and tool needed to help people and businesses move into, out of, and around Mercer Island.

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Local Movers Mercer Island

With a team of local movers in Mercer Island, the moving possibilities are limitless. Our experienced team has you covered with everything from the initial planning of your move all the way to packing up your possessions safely onto our moving trucks.

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What to look for in a moving company in Mercer Island

Knowing what to look for in a moving company in Mercer Island comes down to the types of services that can be provided. Here’s just a small sample of what some of our movers in Mercer Island can offer:

  • Piano movers Mercer Island. You know that grand piano in your living room? Our piano movers in Mercer Island will ensure that your prized instrument is treated with the respect it deserves and makes it to its new destination without a single scratch or delay.
  • Commercial/business movers. Commercial moving services have four different levels that we can provide (Large, Economy, Value, and Huge Move).
  • Residential movers. The best residential moving service is the one that gives you the most flexibility. With Value, Economy, Large, or Huge Move options, we’ve got a plan that will suit your needs.
  • Moving Storage services in Mercer Island. On The Go Moving & Storage also provides the option for climate-controlled, safe, and economical storage solutions for new residents in the Mercer Island area. Enjoy a mess-free relocation experience!
  • Labor only moving help. Already have the wheels, and just need the muscle? If you’ve got your truck situation sorted, our Mercer Island moving company can provide a labor-only moving service that equips you with everything (and everyone) to get your move done quickly.

We Are Local:

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company in Mercer Island

Better understanding the benefits of hiring a moving company in Mercer Island means taking a strong look at the cost/benefit analysis.

Recruiting your family and friends to help can seem convenient, but nobody really wants to help you move. And more than likely, your family and friends are not experienced movers.

When you hire a professional moving service like On The Go Moving, you can be confident that your relocation experience will benefit in the following ways: 

  1. No wasted time. When you hire our moving company, you’ll guarantee that you, your friends, and your family don’t have to carve out the time needed to do the move.
  2. Less stress. Maybe the best perk of having our Mercer Island moving company assist you with your move is that we take the responsibility off of you so that you can focus on the parts of your life that need your attention.
  3. Smooth relocation. On The Go knows how to get the job done. With a team of battle-hardened professionals in the business of relocation, we have the experience needed to easily and efficiently get your move completed on schedule.
  4. Movers that brighten your day. The team at On The Go Moving has a blast making each move a positive experience for our customers! When you work with our Mercer Island moving experts, you can count on a team that truly cares and will go the extra mile to put a smile on your face.

Piano Movers in Mercer Island

Mercer Island is home to many beautiful residential homes, and many of those are adorned with a grand piano. But moving a piano can be a tricky business for an average moving company.

Luckily, On The Go Moving is no “average” moving company. Having our piano movers in Mercer Island on speed dial is the only way to make sure that your piano gets where it needs to go, safely.

You Deserve the Best Mercer Island Moving Services

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