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Chances are if you click on this article, you are thinking about moving and wondering, “When is the best time to move into an apartment?” If this is true, you have come to the right place. 

This article will examine the advantages and disadvantages of moving during certain months and other factors you should consider before moving. Continue reading for expert advice on the best time to move into an apartment. 

Which Month Is Best To Move Into an Apartment?

When determining the best month to move into an apartment, you have to consider the numerous advantages and disadvantages each month offers. 


Typically, summer is the best time of year to move into an apartment. However, May through September usually have more options to choose from because current leases begin to end. Families also tend to move when their kids are on summer break and have more time off. 

Generally, individuals do not like to move in the winter due to the holidays and the cold weather. 


However, during these months, it may be challenging to find an apartment due to college students looking for housing or recent graduates moving to the city. In addition to the high demand, rent prices go up, and there is more competition to find a new apartment. 

Summer Months Are Best for Rental Selection

The summer months are the best time for rental selection and the best time to move apartments due to a number of factors. However, there are some disadvantages as well. 


During the summer months, the rental selection is at its peak. Many people begin to look for a new place to live when the weather is warm, meaning more apartments become available. The weather is also nicer, making the moving process easier. 


While it is true that many college graduates are leaving home, freeing up apartments, it also means that new college students are coming in need of a place. With the influx of students looking for an apartment, there is more competition, and rent prices may be higher. It may also even be more challenging to find a moving company. 

If you find an apartment you like during the summer, you should act on it quickly. 

Things To Know Before You Start Looking for an Apartment

Determine Your Move-In Date

Consider factors such as when your current lease is up or if you have a start date at a new job. 

Plan Your Budget

Having a clear budget for apartment hunting makes it easier to weed out places over your price range. 

Check Your Credit Score

Knowing what your score is will help you get a better understanding of where you stand among the competition. 

Understand How To Apply for an Apartment

Understanding what forms and documents you need make applying for an apartment much simpler. 

Research About Rent Prices

Get a general feel for how rent prices fluctuate throughout the year and, if possible, move during the cheaper months. 

Start Touring Apartments

Make a list of amenities you must have, then start touring places that match those needs. 

When Is the Cheapest Time to Rent an Apartment?

When considering, “When is the best time to move into an apartment?” you may want to know when the cheapest time is to rent. Generally, February offers the lowest rent prices, making it the best time to search for a new place because of the cold weather and the possibility of snow storms delaying your move-in day. 

However, if you do not have the flexibility to move during winter, you should try to search for a new place towards the end of the month. Hunting for apartments towards the end of the month gives you an advantage with landlords looking to sign new tenants. Since they will want to fill the place quickly, you have more room to negotiate, meaning you have more leeway to make a deal and receive a lower rent. 

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