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Are you supposed to tip movers? If so, how much do you tip movers?

For many, tips are a confusing part of American culture, especially since the amount to be tipped varies depending on the industry, location, and quality of service. And while there is no magical percentage or formula for calculating a tip, there are certain factors that can help you when determining how much you should tip your movers.

This article is for the homeowner with an approaching move who wants to make sure that their moving crew receives an appropriate tip for their services. So if calculating an adequate tip amount for your moving crew has been stressing you out, you’ve come to the right place.

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how much do you tip movers


Do You Need to Tip Movers?

First, let’s talk about whether or not tipping movers is even necessary. Is it customary to tip movers still? Isn’t that an outdated practice?

Movers do hard work and spend hours every day lifting heavy items in and out of vehicles so a tip is gratefully received and means the world to your moving crew. A tip lets your movers know that you recognize the hard work they’ve done for you and that you appreciate their labor. Keep in mind, movers are in the service industry, so their base pay is usually reduced in anticipation for tips

The truth of the matter is unless you received absolutely horrendous service, it is always polite to tip your movers. While it’s true that they are getting paid to help you move, a small sum to express your gratitude for their hard work will make their day.

So the final verdict is that, yes, out of courtesy for your moving crew, you should always try to include a tip for them to let them know that you value the hard work and time that they’ve spent completing your relocation.

Now that you know you should tip your movers, how can you know what amount to tip them? Continue reading to learn what factors should be considered when determining how much to tip your movers.


how much to tip movers


How Much Should You Tip Movers? Things To Consider When Choosing Your Tip For Movers

So how much do you tip movers?

This is the anxiety-inducing part. Knowing and remembering the proper amounts to tip every individual who serves you is quite the task. With moving crews it’s especially tricky. Do you tip each of them individually, or do you give the tip to the supervisor?

It’s generally a good idea to give the tip to each mover individually. This will ensure that nobody forgets to share the tip with the team and that each mover gets exactly how much you intended.

You can give each member of your moving crew a small envelope with their tip inside and a small thank you note to show your appreciation and to ensure that each member gets their share.

But what things should you take into consideration when deciding how much to tip your movers?


Five things to consider when deciding how much to tip movers.

  1. Relocation difficulty. Did your move involve lifting heavy objects, such as furniture, up multiple flights of stairs and down narrow hallways? If your move was slightly more difficult than most, you can show your appreciation for your movers by bumping up the tip amount slightly.
  2. Other acts of appreciation. Did you provide your movers with other signs of appreciation during the relocation? If you treated your movers to a fancy meal, chances are they might not be expecting as big of a tip.
  3. Quality of service. If your movers went above and beyond what you expected of them and handled all of your belongings and possessions with the utmost care, you can show your appreciation by increasing their tip amount.
  4. The cordiality of your movers. If your moving crew is exceptionally polite and you thoroughly enjoyed the moving experience with them, you can factor this into your final tip amount.
  5. Efficiency and punctuality. If you think that your movers were both efficient and punctual throughout your moving process, you can take this into consideration when deciding your tipping amount.


is it customary to tip movers

Should I Tip My Movers A Percentage?

Unlike waiters, movers don’t usually expect a percentage-based tip. Instead, the tip should reflect the number of hours they spent working for you as well as the quality of service that you received.

In general, you should tip your movers $4-5 for each hour they helped you.

So if your move only took 4 hours and you were impressed with the service, tipping 16-20 dollars to each mover is considered an appropriate amount to tip. However, if the move was an all-day endeavor (over 8 hours), tipping a max of $40 each is a good rule of thumb.


How Much To Tip Movers That Are Bad?

Job performance is a valid concern, so what about tipping movers that are subpar?

If you took the five points above into consideration and feel dissatisfied with each of the points, then you should adjust the amount you tip your movers to match the quality of service you feel that you received.

If your movers were unprofessional, late, careless, inefficient, or lost family heirlooms, it’s only fair that you adjust your tip based on these factors to reflect their level of service. Any property damage should always be addressed by a moving company’s compensation team.


tip movers


How Much To Tip Long-Distance Movers?

When it comes to long-distance moves, figuring out how much to tip your crew can feel intimidating and can also make you worry about the total cost of your relocation to your new house.

The average cost for a long-distance moving service will run you around $4,000, so if you are planning on tipping your movers a percentage of the final charge you will soon realize that you are going to be paying big time for your long distance movers. It’s safe to assume that most people don’t have the finances to pay 15-20% of a $4,000 bill.

Our moving experts would recommend using the same tipping formula for long-distance movers as used with local movers — plan on tipping $4-$5 per hour, per mover. Or $40 lump sum per day if the move took a full day.

This way you can make sure that your moving crew is happy and that your budget doesn’t get completely broken during the relocation process.


how much to tip movers


How Much To Tip Local Movers

Once you have the generally tipping rule for movers down, most relocation scenarios follow the exact same rule.

You should estimate around $40 per day per mover if you feel satisfied with the job that your moving crew has done. If packing and moving your stuff only took a couple of hours, paying each mover $4 per hour spent on your relocation is more than sufficient.

Of course, if you feel comfortable tipping more and think that your movers did an outstanding job, then you can definitely tip above the recommended amounts. Any tip over $7 per hour is quite a generous sum in the moving industry and will be greatly appreciated by your crew.



When Should You Tip Your Movers?

When is the best time to tip your movers?

Tips are generally handed out after the move has been completed, however, it is okay to let the workers know that you intend to tip them for their hard work even before the move is done. This might even motivate them to get the job done more quickly and efficiently.

The ideal way to tip your movers is to give each individual mover their own tip following the relocation. Doing this will minimize confusion about how much each mover is supposed to receive and will ensure that there isn’t any opportunity for dishonesty or some movers taking a higher cut than others. Unfortunately, not all people are honest so it’s best to avoid the potential of the unfair handling of tips by simply distributing the tips yourself instead of letting another person.



Additional Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Movers

Cash tips are an adequate response to show your appreciation for your movers, but a lot of people like to find all sorts of creative ways to be thankful to their movers. If you feel you want to show an extra gesture of appreciation other than money, here are some ideas that go a long way and often help the move go even more smoothly:

  • Leave a good review online using their names. Their companies will notice this.
  • Provide refreshing drinks. Offering your moving crew a cool, refreshing drink (or hot drinks depending on the time of year) will let your movers know that you appreciate them and will really make their day.
  • Provide your movers with a snack or food to keep your energy levels up. Snacks are appreciated by all movers as something they can grab as they continue to work.
  • Write your moving team a thank you note after they’ve completed your relocation. Notes of genuine appreciation are meaningful and something movers can take back to the office or even home.
  • Provide a meal. If you are feeling exceptionally grateful for your movers, going all out and providing them with a meal will make the team’s day. Offer your crew lunch and watch as they perk up.

While these are often considered above and beyond, because they are provided at the beginning of the move, they go a long way to express your gratitude and create an overall happy environment for the team.


how much should you tip movers


Things You Can Do to Help Your Movers Get the Job Done Quickly

What are things that you can do to help your movers complete your relocation efficiently? If you are looking for ways to help your relocation go more smoothly, here are five tips that you can follow to help your movers get the job done quickly.

  1. Finish Packing. Make sure that you’ve completely finished all of your packing before your movers arrive.
  2. Label Each Box with Room Name. Label all of your boxes with the name of which room they belong in so that nothing gets misplaced during the relocation.
  3. Label Fragile Items. Make sure that any boxes containing fragile items are labeled so that your movers know to handle them with extra care.
  4. Drawers & Shelves Are Empty. Make sure that shelves and drawers are emptied so that your movers have an easier time loading furniture.
  5. Be Available to Your Moving Crew. There’s nothing worse than when a homeowner disappears on their crew and doesn’t have their phone on them to answer their movers’ questions.


how much to tip mvoers


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