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Planning on moving your piano yourself rather than use a professional piano moving service

Here are 3 things to do to prepare for moving your piano yourself:

  1. Enlist as many helpers as you can
  2. Gather all the necessary moving supplies
  3. Measure entryways (will the piano even fit?)

Once you’ve done these three steps, the rest of this blog post will help you get the piano moved to its new destination.


how to move a piano

How To Move Piano


How to Move a Grand, Baby Grand, and Upright Piano

Moving any type of piano is going to take effort, but there are different tips to know depending on what type of piano you have.


How to Move a Grand Piano

A grand piano is probably the most difficult kind of piano to move. It is the largest of the three types of pianos and is very expensive.

When moving a grand piano, first make sure that the top lid is closed and secured

Second, disassemble any parts that can be removed. This makes it so that there is one less thing to worry about. Pack and label the box with the piano parts in it.

Remove the legs from your grand piano, but make sure that there are helpers lifting the other side of the piano to prevent it from falling and striking the ground. 

Securely wrap up all of the disassembled pieces of the piano with soft blankets and secure them with tape. 

Next, wrap the lid of the grand piano with blankets and secure that as well. Use ropes, bungee cords, and strong tape to ensure that the blankets don’t slide off the piano. Of course, make sure that rope, tape, etc., aren’t actually touching the surface of the piano and that they are only touching the blankets.

Once all the pieces of the grand piano have been securely wrapped, have your helpers assist you with transferring the piano onto the piano board.

Note: because a grand piano can weigh up to 1,200 lbs, you should seriously consider working with a professional piano moving company. Attempting to move a grand on your own can quickly result in injuries to your back and damage to the piano.


How To Move a Baby Grand Piano

While smaller than a grand piano, a baby grand still is large enough to require several people in order to move it safely.

Use a similar moving plan to that of moving a grand piano. Remove the pedals and wrap them, wrap the lid with soft blankets and protect the keys. 

Enlist the help of several others and carefully move your baby grand piano onto the piano board or dolly.


How To Move an Upright Piano

Upright pianos are very difficult to move as they can’t be disassembled and are extremely heavy. Make sure that you protect the keys as well as the pedals and securely wrap everything. 

Use tape and strong cables or rope to secure the wrapping. 

Have your team of helpers work together to get the upright piano on to the dolly and have several people support the piano as you move it.

How To Move a Piano Up Stairs, Down Stairs, or Across the Room

Regardless of how far you are moving your piano, you will need a group of others to help you make the move. 

Moving a piano upstairs or downstairs requires the most effort and is generally the most difficult kind of piano movement to do — usually requiring 5 or so people to get the job done. 


How to Move a Piano Up Stairs

If you are moving a piano upstairs, you will need 3 strong people going behind the piano and 2 people going up before the piano guiding it.


How to Move a Piano Down Stairs

Moving a piano downstairs will require several strong people guiding the piano down the stairs and supporting it from falling. You will need 3-4 people going ahead of the piano (depending on how heavy it is) and 2 people behind the piano to guide it downstairs.


How to Move Across the Room

Moving a piano across the room also requires 3 to 5 people, although it isn’t nearly as difficult as moving your piano upstairs or downstairs. Still, be careful to lift with your legs not you back. 

best way to move a piano

Hire Professionals: How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

While employing the services of professional piano mover might seem unnecessary, it will make your piano move much easier and ensures that your piano reaches its destination safely.

You won’t need to worry about finding all the right equipment or rounding up enough friends to help you. Professional piano movers come equipped with everything needed to safely move your piano.

The cost of moving your piano will depend on a variety of factors, how much does your piano weigh? How many movers will you need in order to complete the move? Where are you having your piano moved to?

These are all things that will play a part in how much it costs to move your piano. What is certain is that using a moving service will significantly decrease the amount of stress that it takes to move your upright grand piano.


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