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At On The Go Moving & Storage, our experts answer hundreds of questions about the best time to rent an apartment. People want to learn the best time of the year to rent an apartment so they can have ample time to move, avoid higher rent, examine floor plans, and get favorable lease terms, even in low-traffic winter months. In this article, our moving professionals will use their industry knowledge to help you decide.

When Is the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

Moving is a big decision for anyone, no matter how influential or successful you are today. Even if you’re going alone and not carting around dependents, there are a thousand factors to consider. However, whenever we entertain questions from people who want to move countries or from one corner of America to another, like, “When is the best time to rent an apartment?” we find they always tend to miss a few things.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market has been in a constant state of disruption. People want to work from home now and generally prefer employers who can accommodate a hybrid setup.

Experts are finding that the rental industry in many areas of America is entering new seasonal cycles. While professionals want to work from home, students still value face-to-face education and social activities. So, many people aged 18 to 25 tend to leave home for a new job or a new degree during the summer months, making it the best time of year to rent an apartment with greater options.

How to Find a Great Deal on An Apartment?

Diversify Your Search

If you’re a single person who works from home or a small business owner whose assets are 100% digital, the possibility of finding cost-efficient listings is much higher. Virtual rental and home buying marketplaces attract millions of visitors every week. In fact, according to data from the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, only 4% of people find a long-term residence through purely non-virtual means.

Work with a Rental Agent

Working with a rental agent, either in-person or virtually, allows you to offload the responsibility of documentation, rate negotiation, and taking care of maintenance problems to a qualified professional.

Get a Roommate

At On the Go Moving & Storage, most of the inquiries we receive about the best time to rent an apartment come from young professionals and students who are highly mobile and want to maximize their savings. Getting a roommate allows you to:

  • Choose one with a schedule that complements yours and take care of your mail and pets when you’re out of town.
  • Rent larger spaces and have more cash for utilities and groceries.


Most independent landlords are open to negotiating rates. We recommend renting from them instead of leasing companies. Ask about:

  • What benefits you can get for paying a few months in advance or keeping the apartment in great shape
  • If they can maintain current rates if you extend your lease
  • Any inconsistencies in their rates versus other surrounding properties

Know What You Can Live Without

Get rid of old memorabilia, shoes, clothes, sparingly used furniture, books you won’t read, and art you no longer appreciate. You don’t have to be a minimalist to minimize your apartment footprint.

Act Fast

Our experts recommend that you finalize your budget, prepare essential documents, and save for moving expenses months before hunting for an apartment so that you can pull the trigger when you find the right fit.

What Is the Cheapest Month to Rent an Apartment?

Many people make life decisions during summers that alter their mid to long-term living conditions. It is an excellent season for parents to transition their children to higher-quality schools, and single students and professionals start new careers and degree programs in different cities.

However, if you want the lowest rates, you will have to wait until the winter months. According to market research, people are less willing to move from December to March, causing rental agencies and landlords to offer their lowest rates to fill vacancies.

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