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You’ve just moved in and now it’s time to introduce your friends and family to your new home. 

What an exciting time! 

Planning a housewarming party doesn’t need to be stress-inducing at all. Rather, it gives you a fun chance to whip out your creative skills and introduce people to your new home (not to mention it gives you the chance to absolutely ‘wow’ your friends!).


Housewarming party ideas

Housewarming Party Ideas

Planning Your Housewarming Party: The Basics

Here are some of the basics that you need to know when planning the housewarming party of your dreams.

1. Pick A Date

First things first, pick a date for throwing your housewarming party. 

You should give yourself a few weeks to settle into your new house and unpack before throwing a huge housewarming party so be sure to consider this when picking a date. Choosing a date that is a few weeks out will give you the advantage of being able to plan and throw the best housewarming party possible.

2. Send Out The Invites

If your housewarming party is a formal event, you should consider making and sending invitations by mail. If it is a more casual housewarming party, email or phone invites work just fine.

But who should you invite to your party? This is a common question when it comes to housewarming parties. First, decide the size that you would like your housewarming party to be. Do you want a small and intimate gathering? Or would you prefer a lively group? Once you’ve decided on the guest limit, you can decide who to invite based off of closeness. 

Invite close friends and family members first and work your way into your outer group of friends from there.

3. Set Your Budget

Having a budget for your housewarming party is essential! Set a budget and stick to it — and remember to make it realistic. Don’t give yourself an impossibly small budget that won’t allow you to throw a housewarming party that you actually enjoy. Calculate the costs of the food and decor you wish to have at your housewarming party and form your budget on a realistic premise.

5. Prep Your Home

Are there areas of your home that you don’t want guests going in to? If so, make off-limits signage and post it around your home in restricted areas. Make sure that you have a place for guests to hang their coats and put their shoes so that the entryway doesn’t become overly cluttered.

5. Decorate

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of throwing a housewarming party is planning the decor and decorating the interior of your new home. There are countless ideas and themes you can follow in regards to housewarming decor, so we just suggest that you choose a decor style that reflects yourself and is simple to incorporate around your home.


housewarming party ideas


Unique Housewarming Party Ideas

If you want to give your housewarming party a bit more pizzaz, consider some of the following housewarming party ideas for a unique twist.

Theme Your Party To Give It A Unique Vibe

Themed housewarming parties rule! Several housewarming party theme ideas are rustic, cottage, 

Choosing a theme that reflects who you are will give your guests the true experience of being in your home. 

Plan A Grand Tour

All your guests are dying to see your new house! 

To avoid having your entire evening swallowed up with showing guests around individually, organize a grand tour where everyone can see your home together. Choose a time when all of the guests will be present, maybe an hour or so after the party has started for your grand tour. 

Make Housewarming Party Games

Another area where you can expand on your theme is by making your own housewarming party games. Housewarming party games are an excellent idea and will ensure that your guests are all entertained.

Make Or Buy Fun Party Favors

Find a creative way to thank your guests for coming to your housewarming party. There are more than a few ways that you can do this. One housewarming party favor idea that we really like is mason or glass jars.

Buy small mason jars and attach cute labels to the outsides of each with the names of your guests on them. Fillings for your jars could include coffee, candy, chocolate, popcorn, a homemade baking mix or anything that you think your guest might enjoy.


Housewarming Party Food


Ideas For Food To Serve At Your Housewarming Party

Housewarming party food is one of the biggest categories to plan for when you decide to throw a housewarming party. Choose a menu that is in accordance with your theme and matches the formality level of your party.

As a general rule when planning a housewarming party food menu, choose something fresh, something filling, something sweet, and something quenching to appear on your table.

For the fresh category, consider going with fruit or a veggie platter.

As for something filling, choose a more hearty dish or appetizer for your menu. A cheese and meat tray or nachos with cheese make for a gorgeous and filling housewarming party food idea.

When it comes to sweet things, we recommend going with something small and individual. You could do mini tarts, cheesecakes, or cupcakes to satisfy your guest’s sweet cravings. Also, mini desserts are the cutest and make for a very aesthetic decision.

Housewarming Party Drinks

Ideas For Drinks To Serve

Lastly, we come to quenching. Now, it’s very important to serve multiple options for drinks (we recommend three). You should always have an ample supply of water, you can make it fancier by adding mint, cucumber, lemon, or grapefruit to the water), and for the last two drinks, you can have your choice of one alcoholic beverage and one non-alcoholic drink.

Covering these four categories will ensure that your housewarming party food menu is complete and offers your guests all of the different options they’d crave for a good time.

Now get out there and have the housewarming party of the decade!