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Located a convenient, 15-minute drive from Seattle, Shoreline is a medium-sized city with a population of 56,752 people.

Shoreline is an ideal blend of urban and suburban, perfect for commuters to Seattle or Bellevue and a prime location to raise a family. Not only is Shoreline in an ideal location, but the Shoreline community is also an active, fun, and passionate bunch. 

Whether you’re planning on moving to Shoreline or are just visiting and looking for activities to do while there, this list covers some of the best things to do in Shoreline WA.

things to do in shoreline wa

Things to Do in Shoreline WA

The Shoreline community has a diverse range of interests. No matter what your interests or community desires are, you’ll be able to find cool things to do in Shoreline WA and, more importantly, people to do them with.

Continue reading to get a feel for all of the things to do in Shoreline WA and what’s awaiting you as a newcomer to the area.


1. Shoreline Events

If you are interested in Shoreline events, here are five events that take place annually in Shoreline WA. 

On top of all of the annual Shoreline events, there are also numerous groups that meet up weekly or monthly. You can find wine enthusiast meet-ups, hiking groups, language and culture exchanges, meditation groups, and parenting support groups.

So no matter what your hobbies are or what stage of life you’re in, you can find a Shoreline event or meet-up group with your same interests.

things to do in shoreline ice skating

2. Shoreline Ice Skating

Enjoy ice skating? Maybe you don’t know how to ice skate but you would like to learn. Whatever the case, the Shoreline ice rink is where you can explore and improve your icy passion.

Take a private or group ice skating class at Highland Ice Arena Shoreline WA to invest in your creative side. Not only are ice skating classes a great way to get in some extra exercise, but they’re also a wonderful way to make new friends and plug yourself into the Shoreline ice arena community. 

If you’re looking for a place for kids in Shoreline, Highland Ice Arena also offers Shoreline ice skating classes for kids, so if your child has an interest in ice skating, you can sign them up for classes today!


3. Shoreline WA Parks

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, Shoreline WA has numerous parks for you to get lost in. Visit these four Shoreline WA parks to get your fill of nature and fresh air.

living in shoreline wa

4. Shoreline Recreation Center

Shoreline has two popular recreation centers; Spartan Recreation Center and Richmond Highlands Recreation Center.

Spartan Recreation Center has a drop-in playground perfect for when the Washington weather is less favorable. The drop-in playground is also an ideal way to meet other local moms with kids around the same age as yours.



Richmond Highlands Recreation Center is set up for renting out with a meeting room, equipped kitchen, a game room, and gym.



Living in Shoreline WA

Living in Shoreline WA is a good choice for families and young professionals alike. The city is an ideal location for commuters to Seattle or Bellevue, has moderate political leanings, and possesses all of the necessary amenities (good public schools, coffee shops, community, and restaurants). 



Retirement Living in Shoreline 

For folks looking to put down roots and retire, this Seattle neighborhood has some exciting living options, including cottage living in Shoreline and sustainable living opportunities. The cost of living in Shoreline WA is also considerably lower than more central neighborhoods. 


cool things to do in Shoreline

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