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What is Seattle, Washington famous for? The answer: a surprising number of things!

Right now you’re probably thinking, “Sure. Seattle is famous for its rainy climate, grunge music scene, coffee culture, and…that’s it.” 

But not so fast!

what is seattle known for

What Is Seattle Known For?

If you’re wondering if Seattle is the city for you, then you’ll be excited to hear that there’s a LOT more to the Emerald City than drizzly days and the world’s best lattes. Don’t believe me? 

Here are 12 more things that Seattle is famous for! 

What is Seattle, WA Famous For?

1. Pike Place Market

One of the longest-running farmer’s markets in the US, Pike Place Market is the place to be on a weekday morning.

Pike Place Market gives you the chance to engage with all of Seattle’s culture through food, drink, and of course, the famous Pike Place fish toss. Hot tip from a local, make sure you get a really good look at the Fish Market’s monkfish.

what food is seattle known for

2. TV Shows & Movies

From Grey’s Anatomy, Fraiser, Sleepless In Seattle, and more, Seattle is famous for being the setting in numerous TV shows and movie hits over the past few decades. 

Wherever you vacation, as soon as you mention being from Seattle or having visited Seattle, the first response you’ll get is one about Grey’s Anatomy or some other famous Seattle movie or show.

3. Seattle Parks & Beaches

An often overlooked gem of the Emerald City, Seattle is full of great parks and beaches, and during the summer months, you better believe Seattleites take advantage of it.

Kayak or paddle board from Gas Works Park to Lake Union Park, enjoy some volleyball and a campfire on Alki Beach, or explore the conservatory in Volunteer Park. Venture outside of the immediate city to explore other beautiful parks such as walking around Green Lake and Woodland Park Zoo or out to the lighthouse in Discovery Park.

4. Nirvana

Of course, this list can’t be complete without mentioning Nirvana. 

One of the big things Seattle is known for, Nirvana was a 1980s rock band responsible for influencing Seattle towards grunge music and kicking off the vibrant music scene that has persisted in Seattle to this day.

5. Seattle Gum Wall 

A classic Seattle piece of art, the Gum Wall has been a landmark in the city since 1993. It’s said that the tradition started in that year by patrons of Unexpected Productions’ Seattle Theatresport. 

Twice, employees of the Theater scraped the wall clean but eventually, they gave up as Seattleites and tourists alike were determined to keep the tradition alive. 

The Gum Wall has been deemed a tourist attraction since 1999 and is one of the many things that Seattle is known for.

6. Coffee Culture

Seattle does coffee like few other cities. 

Even today, the first Starbucks located directly across from Pike Place Market can be visited for a taste of Seattle’s long-standing coffee culture.

Seattle, while being famous for its rain, mountains, and beards, is also well known for its coffee culture and abundant coffee snobs.

7. Space Needle

No list of famous sites Seattle is known for would be complete without mention of the Space Needle.

Built in 1961 for the 1962 World Fair, the Space Needle is one of the most visited attractions in Seattle and an icon the city is known for around the world.

what is seattle famous for

8. Fremont Troll

The Troll Under The Bridge, as Fremont Troll is called, was sculpted by four local artists in 1990. This well-known Seattle attraction was actually created as an effort to rehabilitate the area under the bridge as it had become very unkept.

9. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Another kind of food that Seattle is known for is handmade cheese from Beecher’s. Beecher’s focuses on buying fresh milk from local farms and turning that into handcrafted cheese free from preservatives or additives.

Pop into the Beecher’s store in Seattle to sample different cheese or watch artisans make the cheese.

10. Craft Beer

Want to live in a city that is famous for its craft beer? Then Seattle is the place for you! This city is well known for its craft beer made by independent brewers and is the ideal location for anyone fond of small-batch breweries.

Visit some of Seattle’s most famous breweries like Rooftop Brewing Company or Fremont Brewing Company to taste of a beverage that Seattle is well known for.

11. Seafood

As for what kind of food Seattle is known for, there is quite a list. 

Due to its nearness to the Puget Sound, seafood is a regional dish throughout Seattle. One of the main kinds of seafood Seattle is known for is clam chowder. Try a Seattle famous cup of Pike Place Chowder or take a stroll to Pier 54 to visit the first Ivar’s restaurant.

what is seattle washington known for

12. Chocolate

Seattle can brag of being home to more than one famous chocolate company. Fran’s Chocolates, founded in Seattle in 1982, is famously known for making salted caramels that became a favorite treat of former President Obama.

Seattle is also known for being home to Theo Chocolate. Theo Chocolate is made from sustainably sourced, organic ingredients. The company is proudly fair trade with its only store in Seattle.


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