Whether you are an individual or you have a family, it’s common that there will be a need at some point in time to put your belongings away in storage when moving into a new home. If high-quality, convenient storage space is what you need, On the Go Moving has you covered with our convenient storage services.

Available to all of our clients, our safe, convenient, and climate-controlled storage warehouse in Redmond, WA is ideal for anyone living in the greater Redmond area looking to store their belongings. These wooden storage vaults are able to be reserved in any available quantity or size. Our team will also be able to help you move your belongings from your old home or office right to your new storage space on the day of the move.



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The Advantage of Choosing Storage Services from On The Go Moving

When it comes to our clients, convenience, efficiency, and safety are our top priorities. When you’ve got stuff that needs to be moved, the biggest consideration is that the process is handled in a professional, careful, and effective manner. We share the same sentiment, and our storage services are reflective of this.

We maintain your items by professionally wrapping them in protective materials, and we are able to guarantee that no scratching or harm will come to your items during the loading or unloading process. We are able to monitor the temperature and the humidity of our storage facility through the magic of our climate-controlled system. Our unique features of service ensure that all of your belongings will be well handled and taken care of. Quality service such as this simply does not exist when you rent a local storage unit.


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Our Quality Storage Services Explained:

On the Go Moving and Storage always keeps your best interests in mind when it’s time for moving day. Professional and experienced, our crews are made up of certified movers who employ best-practice methods of packing, wrapping and loading your possessions. These best-practices will all be observed when your belongings are carefully loaded into storage as well.

If your items are being moved into our storage facility, we will leave them wrapped up in our packing gear. But if you elected to keep your items in a private storage unit, we will need to unwrap all of your belongings and bring our packing gear back with us. When we keep items protectively wrapped, we are able to ensure that no damage is suffered throughout the loading and unloading processes.

Each one of our storage vaults is located within our climate-controlled storage facility in Redmond, WA. This is a wonderfully convenient location for anybody moving within the greater Redmond area. When you store with On the Go Moving, you’ll be protected from burglars, water damage, and temperature changes. Your stuff is always in good hands with us!



How Big are the Storage Vaults and How Does the Process Work?

It’s important to know if your furniture and other belongings will fit and be safely taken care of. Are some answers to some common questions our customers ask us.


  1. Sizes of the Vaults

Our vaults are large wooden boxes. Their dimensions are 7 feet in length, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet in height. You may reserve as many vaults as you require in order to hold your items.


  1. Loading Your Vault

After moving, if you have things that need to be inserted into storage, we will take your items (fully wrapped and ready for storage) back to our storage facility. When we are loading the vaults, it is recommended that you watch the process and take inventory of which items have been loaded into which vaults (if you are reserving multiple vaults). We always pack up our vaults with a strategy in mind, so your items will always stay safe throughout the process.


  1. ‘Picking’ the Boxes

Once you are ready to crack open your vault(s) our storage facility staff will access your needed boxes and pull them down for a ‘picking’ fee of $20. After this, you will be free to retrieve any items or furniture pieces that you need. When you have finished, our staff will place the vault back in its designated storage location in the warehouse. Do keep in mind that we will require 48 hours advance notice prior to the date/time that you would like us to pick your box.


  1. Unloading your Items from the Unit

Once you are prepared to remove all of your items from storage, our movers will locate your box(es) and load up your items into our moving trucks. During this process, all of your items will remain professionally protected in our wrapping materials. Upon arrival at your address, we will unwrap your belongings, shake your hand, and head back to the open road!

You may pay for our storage vaults on a monthly basis provided that you meet the one-month minimum duration for storage. To keep things convenient for you, we also offer an automatic billing service. You will simply receive a monthly confirmation email after the payment has been processed.


Standard Moving Services

After years of moving experience, we have learned that no move is the same. Each situation has its own challenges, and it is important to find services that can face those challenges without difficulty. Listed below are our flexible moving plans. Each one is designed to be customized by you, the homeowner, to best fit your needs.

For more information on our moving services, visit our pricing and services page.


Labor-Only Moving Services

Beyond our regular moving plans, we also offer a moving service that just includes labor, for our customers that prefer using their own means of transportation. We are able to make the process convenient for you by simply providing the manpower needed to load and/or unload your items up and down the stairs. The labor-only moving service will include basic equipment to use for your move, such as tools and dollies.

For more information on our labor-only moving services, visit our pricing and services page.


Packing Service

In addition to all of our other Redmond moving services, we also offer a packing service at the same rate as everything else (including the price of any packing materials that we use). We are able to allow for packing and moving all in one day, or we can separate the job into two parts; pack the belongings on day one and complete the move on the second day. If we have chosen to do everything in one day, we will have a running clock combining the packing and moving process, which will be charged at the same rate.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.


BEST Affordable Storage Services Near Redmond

If you’re interested in storage services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! If you live in the greater Seattle or Redmond area, or even better, in the very heart of Redmond, you will find that our storage facilities have been crafted with your convenience at heart. Contact us today for more information about your moving and storage needs, and we will get your job added to the schedule right away!

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