Needing storage spaces following a move is very common. At On The Go Moving, we offer high-quality storage services that are convenient for individuals or families that need additional space for their belongings. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our storage services available in Renton.

Our efficient, temperature-controlled, high-quality storage warehouse is located in Redmond, and is available to all clients in Renton and surrounding areas. We can reserve our wooden storage vaults in any available quantity. At the same time, our moving crew can place your excess belongings from your old house or business directly to our storage vaults the day you move.  

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Why is On The Go Moving’s Storage the Right Choice in Renton?

At On The Go Moving, our philosophy is to be safe, efficient, and convenient for our clients. Our main concern is to move your belongings professionally, effectively, and carefully. We handle our storage services the same way, and aim to simplify the moving and storage process for our clients.  

Your belongings are stored in professionally-wrapped, protective materials while they are kept at our warehouse. Our movers make sure your items are not scratched or damaged in any way during the loading and unloading process. We have a climate-controlled warehouse that maintains steady temperature and humidity levels to prevent any moisture damage. These unique features allow us to guarantee that your belongings are taken care of. Chances are you will not find this type of high-quality service when you rent a local storage unit.

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Our High-Quality Renton Storage Services Explained

At On The Go Moving, our professional crew always has your best interest in mind. Your belongings will be handled by our professional moving staff. Our movers are trained and certified, and use effective packing, wrapping, and loading methods for both your moving and storage needs. Once we move your belongings to our warehouse, we keep them wrapped in our protective packing materials. However, if you decide to store your items in a local unit, we’ll have to unwrap your belongings and take our protective gear with us. By using our storage unit and keeping your items wrapped, you will protect them during the loading and unloading process.

Our vaults are located in our climate-controlled facility in Redmond, a very convenient location for residents of Renton and surrounding areas. If you choose to store your belongings with us, we will make sure they are protected from water damage, temperature changes, and burglars. Your belongings are always safe with us!

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How Does the Storage Process Work in Renton? What Are the Dimensions of Our Vaults?

Our storage units in Redmond are available to all residents of Renton and surrounding areas. Take a look at some of the specifics of our storage vaults:

1. Vault Size

You can reserve as many available vaults as you need to store all of your belongings. Our vaults consist of large wooden boxes, measuring 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high.


2. Loading the Vaults with Your Belongings

If there are belongings you need to store after you move, we can place those items in our vaults and take them to our warehouse. Our movers will professionally wrap and pack your stuff, then move it to our storage facility. If you are reserving more than one vault, you may want to be present at the time of loading, so you can keep an inventory of which belongings are stored in which box. We make sure we pack your vaults strategically, keeping all your items safe during the entire process.


3. “Picking” Your Boxes

Whenever you’re ready to access your vaults, our storage crew will retrieve the boxes that you need and bring them down for you for a $20 ‘picking’ fee. Then you may retrieve the belongings you need. After you’ve finished, our storage team will return the vault to our storage facility. Note that we need at least 48 hours notice before you’d like to pick up your vaults.


4. Retrieving Your Items from Storage

When you are ready to unload all your belongings from your vaults, our storage team will locate your box and move all of your items into our moving trucks while they are still wrapped in protective material. Once we arrive at your location, our team will unload and unwrap your items, shake your hand, and be on our way.

Our storage services have a minimum requirement of one month, and need to be paid on a monthly basis. We can set up automatic billing for your convenience, in which case you will receive an email from us every time your payment is confirmed.


Standard Moving Services in Renton

All of our prices are calculated according to the number of movers you require.

Our moving services are billed by the hour. Note that our time starts when we leave our warehouse in Redmond, which is located north of 85th Street and Willows Road. Our timer will stop once we return to our warehouse at the end of your move. Our time will be charged in 15-minute increments.

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Renton Labor-Only Moving Services

Besides our moving packages, we offer labor-only moving services for clients who would rather provide their own vehicles. This is a great choice if all you need is the manpower to move your belongings into and out of your moving truck, or up and down stairs in your new home.

Our labor-only moving services also include free basic tools and equipment – like dollies – needed to complete your moving job. Our basic labor-only service consists of two movers and basic tools. Add an additional fee per hour for each additional mover requested.

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Packing Services in Renton

On The Go Moving also offers packing services in Renton, at the same rate as our moving plans plus the cost of packing materials. Our professional crew can pack the same day you move, or split the whole process into two parts: pack on day one, and move on day two. If we pack and move the same day we work on a running clock of our hourly rate, because of the combination of packing and moving. If we pack one day and move the second, the rate for the packing day is hourly for two movers, with an additional fee per hour for each additional mover, similar to our labor-only services. Note that the same travel time applies as well.

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BEST Affordable Storage Services Near Renton

If you have any questions about our moving or storage services in Renton and surrounding areas, contact On The Go Moving today. Our convenient Redmond storage facility is perfect for all families and businesses in Renton and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us at 206. 429.4045 or by filling out our online contact form. Contact us today!

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