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Moving is a stressful event for many people. Often, there is the added stress of layover periods between apartment leases or other factors that mean you have to put your belongings into storage for a period of time. If you are in this position, On The Go Moving may be the solution to your problems. On The Go Moving provides storage spaces for its customers at great rates.

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Our storage warehouse is, convenient, and climate-controlled (See: Benefits to Climate Controlled Storage) to keep all our customers’ belongings safe. The best thing about our storage service is that our team will transport your belongings out of your old home and into your new one.

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Why Choose On The Go Moving Storage Services?

It’s important to us that the process of handing your belongings is done carefully, making sure nothing is damaged in the process. We treat your items the way we’d want ours treated, with respect, safety, efficiency, and convenience are at the core of our values.

When it comes to our storage services, the operative word is service. These are not your typical local storage units, they are uniquely climate controlled, maintaining the humidity and temperature of the storage vaults. They are also extremely safe and wrapped in protective material while in the vault.

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Our Quality Storage Services Explained:

We have your best interest in mind and the smoothness of your moving day is our top priority. We only employ certified movers, so our crew is backed by years of experience to ensure you have a successful and efficient day. We only use the best practices in all our moving and storage methods. These include wrapping, packing, and loading your belongings in a sturdy and gentle manner. We apply the same care when moving your belongings into the vault as we do when moving them out of your property.

We keep all of your possessions wrapped in our packing gear when they are in our units so that we can ensure the safest entrance and exit from the facility to your new home. This ensures that everything remains protected during the entirety of its stay with us and nothing is damaged during the loading and unloading process.


Vault Sizes

The vaults measure 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high and are made of wood. You can reserve as many as needed to store your belongings.


Loading the Vaults

Right after we’re done moving you into your new home, we will take the remainder of the items you have predetermined to our storage facility. We load the vaults safely and encourage you to stay and watch the process to put your mind at rest. We pack the vaults strategically to get the most out of the space which, in turn, minimizes costs.


‘Picking’ Your Boxes

To ensure the safety of our vaults, our storage staff access them for you. If you find yourself needing various other boxes, we charge a small ‘picking’ fee to pull down the vault for you and retrieve the items you need. We then return the vault to its secure location in the warehouse once you are finished.

We do require 48 hours notice to pick your box.


Unloading Your Items from Storage

When the day comes that you’d like to move your items out of storage and into their new location, we will gather all your boxes, load up our moving truck safely and securely and come to your new home. Once we arrive, we will unload the boxes and unwrap all your items for you before getting on our way.

Storage can be paid for on a monthly basis however, we do require a one-month minimum storage time. We also provide automatic bill payments to make the process easier and you’ll receive an email confirmation for your records after each payment is received.



Standard Moving Services Cost Breakdown

After years of moving experience, we have learned that no move is the same. Each situation has its own challenges, and it is important to find services that can face those challenges without difficulty. Listed below are our flexible moving plans. Each one is designed to be customized by you, the homeowner, to best fit your needs.

For more information on our moving services, residential, or business move, visit our pricing and services page.


Labor-Only Moving Services

If you would prefer to use your own transportation during the move, we can offer a labor-only service for people who just need that extra man-power! It can be difficult to load and unload belongings and get them up and down stairs without straining yourself, so let us do it for you. Along with the laborers, we include equipment such as dollies and tools at no extra cost.

For more information on our labor-only moving services, visit our pricing and services page.


Packing Services

We also provide additional packing services. The cost is the same as our moving services plus the price of materials used. We can set up this service in one of two ways: pack on the same day as the move or split the move into 2 parts.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.

We want to help you on your moving day and beyond. For any questions about using our storage facility in the Issaquah area. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our contact forms for a free quote today!

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