It’s normal for families or individuals to need additional storage space right after they move into a new house. If you are anticipating the need for convenient storage space, On The Go Moving offers high-quality storage services to all residents in Bothell and surrounding areas.

Our safe, convenient, and climate-controlled storage facility is located in Redmond, Washington, and is available for clients in Bothell and throughout Snohomish County. You may reserve our storage vaults in any available quantity, and our professional storage team can relocate your stuff from your old house or business directly to your storage vault the day you move.

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Why is On The Go Moving’s Storage the Right Choice in Bothell?

On The Go Moving and Storage is the best choice for households and businesses in Bothell because our highest values are efficiency, safety, and convenience to our clients. We aim to relocate your belongings professionally, effectively, and carefully, and conduct our storage services the same way.

Your items are kept professionally wrapped in protective material while they are stored in our vaults, preventing any scratches or damages during the loading and unloading process. Our Redmond warehouse is climate controlled, allowing us to regulate humidity and temperature. These unique features allow us to assure your belongings will be taken care of and protected. You will not find this type of quality service if you choose to store your stuff in local storage units!

We Are Local:

Our Bothell Quality Storage Services Explained

At On The Go Moving, we keep your best interest in mind during the entire move. Our professionally trained crew uses cutting edge packing, wrapping, and loading techniques to load your belongings into our trucks. In the same manner, we take care of all your belongings that need to be stored in our facilities. If you choose to store your items with us, we will leave them wrapped in our protective packing gear. If you choose to use a local storage unit, we will have to unwrap your belongings and take our protective materials with us. Keeping your items in our protective gear will guarantee that your belongings will be safeguarded during the loading and unloading process.

Our vaults are kept in our climate-controlled facility in Redmond, Washington –  a great location for all clients in Bothell and throughout Snohomish County. Store your stuff with us and we’ll make sure it’s protected against temperature changes, water damage, and burglars.


How Does the Storage Process Work in Bothell?

Here is a quick overview of our storage services available in Bothell:

1. Vault Size

We offer storage in the form of large, wooden boxes that measure 7 feet long, 7 feet high, and 5 feet wide. You can reserve as many vaults as you want, as long as they are available.


2. Loading the Vaults with Your Belongings

Once you move, if you have leftover belongings that need storage we can wrap them in protective gear, prep them for storage, and transport them to our Redmond facilities. You may want to be present when we load your belongings into your vaults, to make sure you keep an inventory of what item went where. We always pack your vaults strategically, keeping your items safe during the process.


3. “Picking” Your Boxes

If you need to access or retrieve stuff from your vault, our storage crew will access the box, and bring them down to you for a $20 ‘picking’ fee. You can then retrieve all the items you need from your vault. After you’ve finished, our team will return the vault to our storage warehouse. Note that we need at least 48 hours prior notification when you want to pick your box.


4. Retrieving Your Items from Storage

Whenever you’re ready to move all your items out of your vault, our moving staff will locate your box or boxes, and load all your items into our moving trucks while they are still wrapped in protective gear. Once your belongings are safely delivered, we will unwrap them, shake your hand, and be on our way.

Our storage services are paid for on a monthly basis and have a minimum one-month requirement. To make it easier for you, we can set up an automatic billing option. Every time your payments is processed, you will receive a confirmation email on our behalf.


Standard Moving Services in Bothell:

All of our services are prices based on the number of movers you request. For each additional mover you request, there will be a small additional fee to the overall charge.

At On The Go Moving, we bill our services by the hour. Our time starts when we leave our Redmond facility, which is located just north of 85th Street and Willows Road. Our timer will stop running when we return to our warehouse at the end of your move. All time will be billed in 15-minute increments.

Read more about our pricing here.


Bothell Labor-Only Moving Services

Besides our moving plans, we also have labor-only Bothell WA mover services available for those who would like to provide their own transport. This service is great if you only need the manpower to load and unload your truck, or need to move your heavy belongings up and down stairs.

Our labor-only moving services also include basic moving equipment like tools and dollies. You can hire our basic labor-only services – which include tools and two movers. Add an extra hourly fee for each additional mover you request.

Read more about our pricing here.


Packing Services in Bothell

For clients who only need help getting their belongings ready, we offer packing services at the same rate as our moving services, plus the price of all the packing materials used. It’s completely up to you whether you want to pack and move the same day, or would rather pack one day and move the next. If you want to pack and move the same day, we work on a running clock, because of the combination of packing and moving at the same time. If we pack one day and move the second day, our packing rate is per hour for two packers, with an additional fee for each extra packer you request (Similar to our labor-only services). Also, note that our travel-time policy is also the same.

Read more about our pricing here.

If you need to hire professional storage services in Bothell contact us at On The Go Moving and Storage. Our secure, convenient storage facilities are equipped with all the features needed to keep your belongings safe and sound. Contact us at 206. 429.4045 or by filling out our online contact form. Contact us today!

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