No matter what you do or where life takes you, at some point in time you need to put some things in storage for a while. Moving your family across the country to the Pacific Northwest for work? You may need to keep your things in storage for a while until you find a permanent living arrangement. Or maybe you’re a business owner looking to relocate to new premises, but you need to store some of your excess furniture and equipment temporarily.

Regardless of the situation, you’re looking for secure, high-quality, and convenient storage space that you can count on. When it comes to exceptional moving and storage services, people moving in the Ballard area put their trust in On The Go Moving.


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Affordable Ballard Storage Services

Our Redmond warehouse is climate-controlled and conveniently located 30 minutes away for anyone moving to or from Ballard. Our storage vaults are sturdily constructed from wood and can be reserved in any quantity you need to keep your belongings safe for however long you choose to store them. The greatest advantage to storing with us, however, is that our team can move your property directly from our Redmond storage warehouse to your new Ballard home or office quickly and easily.

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Why Choose Our Storage Services?

At On the Go Moving, we are committed to providing our customers with convenient, high-quality service and exceptionally skilled packing and moving services. Every item you entrust to our care is professionally wrapped in protective materials throughout its time in storage, protecting it from potential wear or damage. Thanks to the climate controls in our Redmond warehouse, we can also maintain both fixed humidity and fixed temperature throughout our entire facility. No one takes care of your valuables the way we do!

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Our Quality Storage Services Explained

On The Go Moving and Storage is dedicated to making your Ballard moving day an anxiety-free experience. All of our packing and moving staff are experienced, knowledgeable, highly-trained and professionally certified in the use of best-practice methods for wrapping, packing, and loading your valuables for safe transport and storage.

Our storage staff is similarly trained in both loading and unloading your property in our storage vaults. All property transferred to our Redmond facility stays wrapped securely in our packing material in order to ensure that it stays damage-free during transit to and from your vault.

All our storage is climate controlled for both temperature and humidity, and our facility is centrally located in Redmond – an ideal distance for anyone moving to or from Ballard. We will ensure the security, structural integrity, and climate stability of your belongings.


Vault Sizes

Our wooden vaults are 7’ tall by 5’ wide and 7’ long, with an approximate volume of 340 cubic feet. You are welcome to reserve as many vaults as you require.


Loading The Vaults

Any items that need to be loaded into storage after your move are transferred back to our Redmond storage facility, still securely wrapped in our packing material and ready to store. Customers are welcome to supervise the loading of their vault in order to inventory the location and vault number for easier retrieval later on. We pack our storage vaults strategically, so as to keep all of your items safe during the process.


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‘Picking’ Your Boxes

Should you need to retrieve specific items from your vault(or vaults) to your house, our storage staff will pull the vaults you need from the warehouse for a $20 “picking” fee. After your vault has been picked, it will be kept in a separate storage area so you can retrieve what you need. Once you’ve finished, our staff will return your vault or vaults to the warehouse floor for storage. All picking orders require 48 hours advance notice.


Unloading Your Items From Storage

Once you are ready to transfer your stored items out of storage for good, our moving staff will locate your vault(s) and load your items onto one of our trucks, still wrapped securely in our packing materials. Upon delivery of your items at your requested destination, we’ll unload your order where you specify, unwrap your property, and be on our way.

Our storage vaults are billed monthly with a mandatory minimum storage duration of one month.


Learn More

Do you still have questions about our packing, moving or storage services? Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you in Ballard. After we determine your moving and storage needs, we’ll get you scheduled with a date and time that works best for you needs.

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