Senior Moving Services in Redmond, WA

For seniors, relocating can be a difficult process. Emotions run high, stress builds, and the physical labor is simply not possible. At On The Go, we have made it our mission, as one of the most experienced and acclaimed moving services in Redmond, to help seniors move without an ounce of stress.

Senior moving services from On The Go are designed to help the elderly relocate easily and efficiently. Whether we’re helping you or your loved one downsize from a large home, or we’re helping transition to a retirement community, our experienced movers are ready to serve.

redmond senior moving services

Senior Moving Services in Redmond,WA

Our Senior Moving Management Staff

Moving is often a stressful process for homeowners of any age, especially if you’re moving from a living space you’ve known for years. However, the emotions caused by this situation can be even stronger for older adults, and the shift to a new home is challenging. Our moving team recognizes this challenge and serves each client with the respect and support they deserve.

Each team member is highly trained, and On The Go as a premium moving company is fully licensed and insured. When we begin a senior citizen move, we start with a degree of sensitivity to the needs of seniors. Our relocation experts know how overwhelming moving day can be, so we train our employees to complete the process in a streamlined, comfortable way.

Before starting the moving process, we will consult with you and your family in order to smooth out the details and understand exactly what you want. We are trained to handle fragile items like pieces of art, heirlooms, and other valuables, so you will be able to rest assured that your valued belongings are in good hands.

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Senior Moving Service and Relocation Assistance

Regardless of where you are moving, whether it’s a condo, retirement community, or a new home, On The Go has a package that fits your specific situation. We know that every move is unique, and our flexible system allows you to get the necessary services you need.

Our basic Redmond moving package comes with two expert movers and one truck. We will manage the details of the move, from packing and loading, to driving and unloading. Our goal is to leave you feeling comfortable and calm, relieved of the stress that comes along with planning and completing a move.

In addition to the truck and manpower, our senior moving plan includes all the equipment that our movers will need, such as moving pads, tools, and dollies. We will also bring the equipment necessary for disassembling and transporting furniture, and we will even put it all back together at the new location. Additional gear includes floor protection and door pads. Listed below are our basic senior moving packages:

redmond senior moving services

Labor-Only Moving Services for Seniors

In some cases, our clients choose to provide their own truck or another method of transportation. If this happens, we offer special labor-only moving services. This package allows you to get the physical labor out of the way safely and swiftly, and you still remain in control of packing and driving. Whether we’re carrying boxes into the kitchen or lifting a couch up a flight of stairs, we will provide the labor you need. As with our other senior moving packages, our labor-only services include the appropriate equipment for a safe and timely move.

Redmond Senior Packing Service

On The Go Moving and Storage also provides a packing service that lets our professional movers help you pack your belongings safely. Some homeowners want to pack in the few days leading up to the move, while others prefer to pack the very same day they move. But whichever the case, we are ready and trained to minimize shifting of your belongings in their respective storage boxes. Our highest priority is keeping your items safe and secure.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.

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