It’s common for families and individuals to require storage space for a temporary or extended period during a move. Whether it’s because you’re moving from a bigger home into a smaller apartment for a while, or because you’ll be moving across the country, or because you simply need a safe place to store some valuable pieces, your needs for storage are the same — quality, convenience, secure storage space services in Sammamish.

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Storage Services Sammamish WA


At On The Go Moving and Storage, we now provide climate controlled storage services for our moving customers. Our storage warehouse, located in Redmond WA, is climate controlled with round-the-clock security and convenient access.

We offer storage vaults, an unusual but highly effective form of storage that ensures security and careful management of your stored items. Our vaults can be reserved in any (available) quantity and our team will move your belongings from their current location to our storage warehouse. This service can be performed on your moving day, in advance, or following your move.

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Why Choose On The Go Moving and Storage Services?

At On The Go Moving and Storage, our highest priorities are to offer our customers safe, efficient, and convenient moving and storage services. Our professional moving crews understand the importance of creating a stress-free experience for our Sammamish moving customers, and they work diligently to offer a professional, careful service every time.

Because we place such a high value on keeping your belongings safe, we follow strict protocol and ensure the following;

  • All items are professionally wrapped in protective materials during their time in storage.
  • Loading and unloading is carefully performed by two or more crew members to ensure no damage occurs.
  • Humidity and temperature is monitored 24/7 to ensure that your belongings are not damaged by heat, cold, or moisture.
  • Our experienced, professional crews are staffed with certified movers who use best-practice methods of wrapping, packing, and loading your belongings.

Our storage warehouse is located in Redmond, a convenient location for our Sammamish movers. By choosing to store with us, you are choosing to keep your belongings safe.

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Learning More about Storage Vaults for Sammamish Residents

Our storage vaults measure 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high. Our customers may reserve as many vaults as are currently available. If not all are used during the storage process, you are not charged additionally.

Storage vaults are paid for on a monthly basis with a one-month minimum storage duration. For your convenience, we also provide an automatic bill pay option. You’ll receive a confirmation email each month after the payment processes.

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Loading Your Storage Vaults

All items being placed in our storage vaults are kept in their protective wrapping as they are loaded into each storage vault. For those customers with many things being placed in storage or multiple storage vaults, We recommend that they accompany us to our storage facility to watch the process and take inventory of which items are being stored in each vault.

If at any time you need access to your vault, our storage staff will pull your vault for you for a small ‘picking fee’. We will open the vault so that you’re able to retrieve whatever bin, item, or piece of furniture you need. You may take as long as necessary to do so. Once you’ve finished, our crew will seal your vault and return it to its stored location within the warehouse.

Please note, we will need 48 hours notice prior to the time you’d like to pick your box.

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Unloading Your Storage Vaults

When it’s time for you to bring your belongings out of storage, our movers will locate your storage vaults, unload your items into one of our moving trucks, and deliver them to your new location! Once arrived, we’ll help you unload and unwrap your items to ensure that no item has sustained any damage. If you’d like help moving your belongings into your home, we’re happy to help you out.


Standard Moving Services

After years of moving experience, we have learned that no move is the same. Each situation has its own challenges, and it is important to find services that can face those challenges without difficulty. Listed below are our flexible moving plans. Each one is designed to be customized by you, the homeowner, to best fit your needs.

For more information on our moving services, visit our pricing and services page.


Additional Sammamish Moving Services

We offer more than storage services. Our crew has flexible moving and packing packages to ensure that we are able to perfectly suit every unique Sammamish move.


Labor-Only Moving Services

In addition to our basic moving plan, we also offer labor-only moving services for those who have their own truck or transportation method. This convenient service helps make sure you’ve got all the manpower necessary to complete your move quickly and easily without any unnecessary additional costs.

For more information on our labor-only moving services, visit our pricing and services page.


Packing Services

For those who need additional help getting prepped for their move, we offer packing services. This service is offered at the same rates as our other moving services with the additional cost of any packing materials used. We can spread out our packing services over multiple days, or we can come to your location on the same day as your move. Our professional movers in Sammamish are trained on how to appropriately pack and wrap belongings to ensure their safety during transport and storage.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.


BEST Affordable Storage Near Sammamish

If you live in Sammamish and are in need of moving or storage services, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. Our storage facilities and moving services are designed to create a stress-free moving experience for our Sammamish residents. Get in touch with us to get a free quote today.

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