Everyone needs storage space for their belongings and property from time to time, especially if you’re moving to a new home or moving a business. If you’re looking to invest the time and money necessary to store your property, you want the best quality storage facilities at a competitive price. Let our moving and storage experts at On The Go Moving provide safe, secure, and high-quality storage for your belongings, possessions, and property.

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Our Redmond storage facility is easily accessible to all of our moving and storage customers in the Fremont area. Our secure storage vaults can be reserved to accommodate your storage needs, and our moving team can transfer your possessions and property from your Fremont location directly to your reserved storage space with same-day service.


Storage Service for Fremont Residents

Our core values have always been safety, efficiency, and convenience for every client, and our movers and storage specialists share your concerns about ensuring that every property transfer is handled efficiently and carefully. Our commitment to excellence means that we treat your property and belongings like the one-of-a-kind valuables they are, regardless of whether you are moving or storing them.

Every item you put in our care is professionally wrapped in protective materials before being transferred to storage, providing scratch and damage protection during the loading and unloading of your valuables. Our warehouse is climate controlled, allowing us to maintain a safe temperature and humidity levels that will prevent your goods and property from being damaged due to inclement weather. It is this superior level of service and attention to detail that sets us apart from other local storage facilities.

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Our Storage Services Explained

At On The Go Moving and Storage, we’re all about making your storage experience seamless and worry-free. All our storage crew members are certified professionals who have extensive training in the best-practice methods for wrapping, packing, and loading your belongings regardless of size or delicacy. This attention to detail also extends to how your property is handled when it arrives at our storage facility.

Every item transferred to our storage facility for the short-term stays wrapped in our packing materials until it is ready to be moved to your new home or business location in Fremont. However, if there is a delay in your move and you need to transfer your items to our long-term storage units, we will remove our moving equipment and leave the packing wrap in place. This ensures that your goods are protected even while in storage.

Best of all though, every one of our climate-controlled vaults is centrally located at our storage facility in Redmond – just a short distance from Fremont. Put your property in our capable hands, and we’ll make sure your belongings are safe from theft, changes in climate, and water damage.

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Vault Sizes

Our wooden-walled vaults measure 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high, which is approximately 343 cubic feet. You are welcome to reserve as many vaults as necessary to store your possessions.


Loading the Vaults

Got more stuff than you can fit into your new place on moving day? Have us put your things in our storage facility for you! If you’ve had us handle your move, they are already fully wrapped and ready to be loaded into a vault. Our inventory management specialists at our facility are careful to pack vaults strategically in order to maximize the usage of available space.


‘Picking’ Your Boxes

If you need to take just a few of your items out of storage, our staff will access your vault and pull those boxes for a ‘picking’ fee of $20. Once you’ve finished, our staff will return your vault to its warehouse storage location. All box requests require 48 hours prior notice if you need to access your box, allowing the vault to be ready for you to retrieve the items or pieces of furniture that you need when you need them.


Unloading Your Items From Storage

Ready to move your stored goods into your new home or business location? Our movers will pull your vault(s) for you and load them onto our truck for delivery. After everything has been unloaded, our moving personnel will unwrap your possessions for you and be on their way.

The fees for vaults are billed on a monthly basis with a minimum storage period of 1 month. Payments can be made via check or credit card, or they can be billed via automatic electronic payments. All payments receive an email confirmation for your convenience.


Fremont Labor-Only Moving Services

If you prefer to use your own transportation but would rather not load and unload your things, check out our labor-only moving services. We’ll do all the heavy lifting of moving boxes and furniture between floors, and you can handle the driving. Our labor-only movers also bring their own basic moving equipment and tools such as dollies and packing straps. Our day rate for two movers is per hour, with an additional charge per hour for each additional mover requested.

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Packing Service

For the packing averse or those who have little free time before their move, you can take advantage of our packing services at the same rates as our moving services. Just pay the additional cost of packing materials used and we’ll handle the rest. Our services accommodate both same day packing and moving, or a two-day dual-stage option: pack up the first day, move everything the second day.

Same day packing and moving are billed hourly from the time your movers arrive until after your belongings are unloaded. This running clock billing is due to the fact that both packing and moving are occurring at the same time. If you opt for the two-day service, the rate is per hour for two packers and an additional per hour for each additional packer/mover. Travel time is also calculated into the hourly rate for both packing service options.

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Have questions about our storage service? We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about storage for your Fremont location. Contact us today for more information about your storage and moving plans, and we can get you scheduled for a date and time that best suits your needs.

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