At some point in life, you will need extra space to store your things. If you need a high-quality, secure, and conveniently located storage facility you can count on, On the Go Moving has just the storage services for our clients in the Mercer Island area.

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Storage Services for Mercer Island

At our Redmond storage warehouse, we provide climate controlled storage (See: Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?) spaces that will keep your belongings safe and unharmed by the elements. Rent as many units as you need for as long as you need them – your belongings won’t budge until you need them!

We will professionally wrap and pack all of your home or business items and store them in a way that keeps them safe, protects them from normal wear, and preserves their integrity. The temperature and humidity control that we feature in our warehouse help us make sure your items are kept at a static temperature, keeping them safe from changes in the climate.

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Quality Storage Services

Our team members at On the Go Moving are professionally trained and certified to use best-practices in packing and storage. We will wrap, pack, transport, load and unload your belongings with the same care that we would use with our own, making sure your things are carefully wrapped in our protective, packing materials to minimize the risk of damage.

Vault Sizes

  • Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 7
  • Cubic Feet: 340

Loading the Vaults

You are welcome to watch as we professionally wrap, pack and load your belongings into your secure storage vault.

If you need a particular box from your vault at any given time after we’ve stored your items, our team will go into your vault and retrieve it for you for a small picking fee. After we have picked your vault, it will be kept separately in a storage area so that you can get exactly what you need. After you have retrieved everything that you need from your vault, we will carefully put it back into the warehouse. Just make sure you give us 48 hours notice so that we can get your vault ready.

Retrieving your Items

When you are ready to unload all of your things from storage, we follow a strict transfer protocol to make sure that you receive all of your items safely. We will remove your items from their vault and load them into our trucks for delivery to Mercer Island [1]. Each item will stay wrapped and packed in our packing materials until they are delivered to you, exactly where you need them.

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