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Find our rates here. We provide moving services for commercial businesses, offices, large and small homes, and everything in between. Read more about our available services below.

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We Are Local:

Kirkland Residential Moving

On the Go Moving specializes in residential moves in the Kirkland area, no matter the size of your home. Perhaps your apartment, condo, or small residential home needs to be packed up and transported to a new place in downtown Bellevue.

Then again, maybe your large residential home, full of valuable paintings and relics needs to be moved down the street into a new residential area that is a little bit closer to the golf course.

Whatever your needs may be, On the Go Moving has everything necessary to make sure that your move goes smoothly and easily.

Our Kirkland moving services provide packing, loading, transportation, and unloading services for your home. Our Kirkland movers are timely, respectful, and efficient. If you need a seamless, effortless move and want the best Kirkland movers, call On the Go Moving and place your home and moving needs in our capable hands.


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Kirkland Business and Office Moving

Are you a local Kirkland business owner that needs to move to a new location? Our teams of Kirkland movers are specially trained to handle moving sensitive items, such as computer systems and other delicate technology.

In fact, we’re known as being one of the best business and office moving services in the Kirkland area.

When it comes to moving a business space, efficiency is our top priority. Businesses can’t sacrifice their revenue by having lots of downtime due to a move, so it’s our sole goal for business relocation to make sure that your business and office space is moved quickly and within your specified timeframe so that your business has minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Our qualified moving team members are all professionally trained Kirkland movers, capable of creating detailed plans for the most careful and effective move possible. We handle all of the details of the move so that you may focus on keeping your business running.


Kirkland Commercial Moving

On the Go Moving is known through Kirkland for being the best of the best when it comes to moving commercial businesses. Small, locally-owned Ma-and-Pop shops that need to move to a new location can rely on us to plan for and implement the relocation of your business swiftly so that you don’t experience too much downtime.

Commercial business moves are a big task, but we’ve got everything we need to handle it. Efficiency will be of the utmost importance for you, a commercial business owner. You need to get everything back up on the floor and on the shelves so that you can continue to generate revenue.

All of our On The Go Moving staff are trained Kirkland movers that will know how to face whatever challenges your move might bring. We are efficient, knowledgeable, and timely.


Senior Moving Services

Seniors face quite a number of additional challenges when it comes to moving. Many seniors are moving from their home of many years into smaller housing to be nearer family, into healthcare facilities, or into retirement homes. At On the Go Moving, our senior moving services strive to make this difficult transition as simple and smooth as possible for our Kirkland seniors.

We approach each senior move with sensitivity to the needs of the client and their families. Cherished heirlooms and fragile keepsakes are given special care and additional attention by our Kirkland movers. We realize that extra care and understanding will be the most helpful for our seniors as we help them make this transition. Because we care so much for our Redmond seniors, we also offer reduced pricing for them.


Storage Services

We now also offer exclusive storage vaults. By adding this component to our moving services, we’ve been able to provide more convenient options for you, our clients, as you transition to your new location.

If you are moving your business or home from one location to another and are unable to move into your new building right away, or are unable to fit all of your belongings into your new residence, we can help. Our Kirkland storage vaults are safe, convenient, and secure.

These vaults are 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high and are kept in our temperature-controlled warehouse. You can pay per month per storage unit, where all your things can remain safely packed and padded until you need them again.


Labor Only Moving Services

For those that wish to perform the packing and transportation services themselves, we offer a labor only moving service. Our Kirkland movers will be available to help you load and unload your belongings only.

This is a great assistance for those who are unable to lift all the heavy furniture and boxes themselves but are capable and willing to pack their own boxes and drive their own form of transportation. In such cases, we also provide the basic moving equipment (dollies, tools, pads, and cushions) necessary for loading your belongings.


Packing Service

We are also able to provide packing services for our Kirkland clients. These services may or may not be combined with moving or labor only services. If necessary, we are able to accommodate requests for packing services on a separate day from moving services.


Supplemental Valuation Coverages

On The Go Moving and Storage can provide you with three types of supplemental valuation insurance for your move:

  1. Basic Value Protection.
  2. Replacement Cost Coverage with Deductible.
  3. Replacement Value Protection.

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At On the Go Moving, you are our greatest priority. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality moving services that are efficient and trustworthy. If you are interested in the Kirkland apartment moving services, contact our office or Visit our Pricing and Services page.

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