More often than not, moving into a new home creates the need for individuals and families to put some of their belongings into storage. If the near future will have you in need of convenient, high-quality storage space, then On The Go Moving has you covered with our storage services.

Our secure, convenient, and climate-controlled storage facility in Redmond, WA is available for each and every one of our customers in the greater Seattle area. This warehouse is home to our wooden storage vaults which can be reserved in any quantity or size depending upon availability. And the best part is that our team can even move your belongings into our storage space straight from your current office, home, or apartment on the day of your move.

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Why Select Storage Services from On The Go Moving?

With efficiency, safety, and convenience being our highest values, we always put our clients first. In moving your belongings, it’s understandable that you expect the process to be handled with care and professionalism — our storage services are handled with the same level of respect.

While your items are kept in storage, they will be professionally wrapped in protective materials so as to make sure nothing incurs any damage of scratches throughout the loading or unloading process. With our climate-controlled warehouse, we are able to regulate the humidity and the temperature of our entire storage facility. With the distinct features of our storage services, you can rest easy that your belongings will be handled with care and remain safe during their stay. Finding this type of quality service is simply impossible when renting a local storage unit.

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Explanation of Our Quality Storage Services:

When your moving day arrives, you can be confident that your On The Go Moving and Storage team has your best interests at the front of their minds. The team is made up of certified movers who are experienced, professional, and respectful. Our crew uses the best-practice techniques for wrapping, packing, and loading up your stuff. These techniques and practices will be employed in the same way, and your belongings will be conscientiously handled during their move into storage.

When we are moving your items into storage, we leave them wrapped up tight in our packing equipment. However, if you elect to store your belongings in a third-party rental storage unit, we’ll need to unwrap your all of your things so we can take our packing gear with us. In keeping all of your items protectively wrapped, we can guarantee that no damage will occur during the loading or unloading procedures.

Each of our storage vaults is housed inside of our climate-controlled storage warehouse in Redmond, Washington. This makes for a convenient central hub for anybody moving in the greater Seattle area. When you store your belongings with us, you’ll be protected from burglars, temperature changes, and water damage. All of your stuff has never been safer!

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What are the measurements of your vaults, and how does storing my belongings work?

  1. Vault sizes

Our storage vaults are large, wooden boxes that measure a length of 7 feet, a width of 5 feet, and a height of 7 feet. You are able to reserve as many vaults as needed in order to store your items.

2. Loading the vaults

After moving, if there are items that you need to place in storage, we will transport the items to our storage facility (fully wrapped and prepared for storage). If you are reserving more than one vault, it is likely that you may want to watch this process and take note of which items have been loaded into which vault. We pack each of our vaults strategically, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items during this process.

3. ‘Picking’ your boxes

Once you are prepared to access your vault(s) our storage team will note the boxes that you need and pull them down from storage for a tiny ‘picking’ fee of $20. Once the boxes are picked, you’re free to retrieve the items or furniture pieces that you’re seeking. When completed, our staff will place the vault back in its stored location within our warehouse. Do keep in mind that our team will need 48 hours notice in order for you to pick your box(es).

4. Unloading your items from storage

Once you’re prepared to unload all of your items from storage, our movers will pinpoint your box(es) and load your belongings into one of our moving trucks. In doing so, we will make sure that they remain professionally protected in our wrapping materials. After arriving at your location, we’ll unwrap all of your belongings, shake your hand, and drive off into the sunset.

The storage vault fees are paid for on a monthly basis, with a “one-month” minimum duration for storage. For your convenience, we also offer an automatic bill pay option. If you opt for this, you’ll receive a confirmation email after payment processes each month.

Shoreline Storage Services

Standard Moving Services

After years of moving experience, we have learned that no move is the same. Each situation has its own challenges, and it is important to find services that can face those challenges without difficulty. Listed below are our flexible moving plans. Each one is designed to be customized by you, the homeowner, to best fit your needs.

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Labor-Only Moving Services

Including our moving packages, we also offer a “labor-only” moving service for our customers who like to provide their own means of transportation. If you choose this service, it will be convenient for you to get the manpower required to load and/or unload all of your belongings from your old place to your new one. When our movers provide the labor-only service, they will bring along basic equipment such as dollies and tools.

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Packing Service

In addition, we also offer a packing service that comes at the same rates as our moving services, but also include the price of any packing materials that we will use. We are able to pack on the same day of your move, or we can also divide the job into two parts. This means that we can pack your belongings on day one and move on day two. If a same day pack and move is what you need, we will be running on an hourly rate due to the combination of packing and moving activities that occur simultaneously.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’d like to inquire about our storage services. If you live in the heart of Redmond or the greater Seattle area, you will find great convenience in our storage facilities. Contact us for more info about your storage and moving needs and we’ll get you in our calendar right away.

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