On the wild and crazy adventures that life can take you on, there are times when you’ll require a little more storage. Whether you need a storage service to hold and protect your belongings while you’re in the middle of moving between homes, or you need Seattle storage services for helping you move or relocate your business, renting a storage container is going to make these processes much easier through On The Go Moving.

In any circumstance, there may be a point in the distant or near future that you are going to need some additional storage, and if you happen to be in the Queen Anne area, you can trust that your things are in good hands with us.

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Queen Anne Storage Services

Our storage center uses an advanced climate controlled system (Do I Need Climate Controlled Storage?) and is conveniently located in Redmond for anyone who needs storage services in the Seattle area. Each of our storage containers is made out of a durable wood design, and you can reserve as many storage vaults as you need, for any length of time that you need them for. Additionally, one of the biggest advantages of storing with us is that our team can move your property safely and quickly from your storage space to your home or office in Queen Anne. Read more about our pricing here.

We Are Local:

Why Choose Our Storage Services?

At On the Go Moving, we pride ourselves on making sure that each and every one of our customers have a convenient and safe place to store their belongings. We also commit ourselves to the highest quality packing and moving services in the area – every item you store with us is professionally and carefully packed with protective moving materials to protect from wear and damage. Your belongings will be safe from damage in our climate-controlled storage facilities where they can sit in a fixed humidity and temperature until you are ready to move them again.

Vault Sizes

  • 7 wide x 5 tall x 7 long
  • Volume: 340 cubic feet


Loading the Vaults

Any items that you have previously had loaded or moved with us will remain in their secure packing materials, and ready to store or move at any time. All customers are welcome to supervise the wrapping and the loading of their belongings so that they can make sure that all of their personal items are moved safely into their vault. This gives our customers peace of mind and comfort in knowing exactly where and how their items are packed.

Selecting Your Vaults

If at any time you need to retrieve a specific item or box from your vault and want it delivered to your home in Queen Anne, we can accommodate your needs for a picking fee. We will set your items aside in a separate, safe vault area until you come to pick them up. Once you have retrieved the items that you need, our staff will safely return your personal vault to storage. We only require that you give our team 48 hours of advanced notice, so we can prepare the vaults for you.


Unloading Your Items From Storage

If you have a storage vault with us, we bill our customers monthly and have a mandatory minimum storage length of one month. Once you are ready to move your items from storage to the location of your choice, our staff will locate your storage vault and load your vault onto one of our trucks for transport. After you specify where you would like your container to be dropped off, we will securely transport your vault to that site, unload your belongings and unwrap them for you – and then you’ll be on our way! Read more about our pricing here.


Learn More

Have more questions about storing and moving in the Queen Anne area? Contact us today to find out more about how we can serve you. If you are in the Queen Anne area looking for a safe, climate-controlled environment where you can store your belongings, contact us today so that we can provide you storage services or help you with your next move.

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