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Here at On the Go Moving, our senior moving services are dedicated to a singular purpose above all else: making the transition between homes easy and anxiety-free as possible for Shoreline seniors. Moving is a stressful time for anyone, but more so for seniors. It doesn’t matter if you’re downsizing to a smaller house or moving into a condo, packing up after staying in one place for a while can be emotionally challenging. No matter the reason for your move, our moving professionals will do everything in their power to make your Shoreline move convenient and stress-free.

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Moving Services for Shoreline Seniors

If you are like many seniors, you have probably lived in your current home for the better part of your life. It is a place steeped in memories of all kinds, and even making plans to leave can create anxiety. Seniors relocating to a retirement community especially find the transition more difficult to make, as it is an even greater adjustment to their lifestyle and independence.

In order to ensure the best possible senior customer experience, our senior moving team is trained to attend to the unique moving needs of seniors. Our caring and sensitive staff are adept at helping seniors and their families make a smooth transition to a new home, and they specialize in reducing the stress and anxiety that often arises during the moving process.

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Relocation Services for Retirement Homes

Relocations to a retirement home are a major transition for the entire family. Working together with everyone who intends to help greatly simplifies planning the specifics of the move, and many times these discussions help to highlight specific moving considerations seniors will need as they are moved into their new accommodations in Shoreline.

Knowledge and experience are crucial to a successful and low-stress move from one home to another. Every move is unique, and our team is well aware that every one of our customers has specific needs and preferences during their move. In order to maintain maximum flexibility, we employ a system of processes that has been designed to address all aspects of each move to the complete satisfaction of everyone involved in the senior’s move and transition.

We like to keep things simple,  so we offer the following  moving packages:

Primary Moving Services

Our primary moving service puts a moving truck and two of our highly skilled senior moving team members at your Shoreline home. Our people will handle all the heavy lifting and labor-intensive tasks, as well as driving the moving truck from your former residence to your new one.

Our movers bring all necessary equipment with them to ensure a smooth transition from home to truck and from the truck to your new home. Tools for furniture disassembly and assembly, moving pads and dollies will be provided to help get your things loaded and unloaded quickly.

Furthermore, our movers always ensure that any furniture disassembled for moving purposes is reassembled and fully functional in your new home before asking you to sign off on delivery. Employing our movers also ensures that all of your property and furniture is moved safely on and off the truck without causing damage to your home or the property itself.

Labor Only Services

Already have a truck lined up? Hire our labor-only services and let us do all the hard work. Labor-only service is especially useful for seniors who are moving between floors of the same facility. As with our primary moving services, our movers bring all the necessary tools and equipment to make your move fast and easy.

Packing Only Services

Sometimes packing up your belongings is more than you can handle, especially when you are transitioning to a new life in a smaller home or Shoreline retirement community. If packing your belongings yourself is not an option, we offer packing-only services. Our packing specialists will make sure that all property, furniture, and keepsakes are carefully packed to prevent damage during transit. We can also schedule your packing and moving on different days or the same day, depending on what is most convenient for you.


Every move includes our Basic Value Protection Plan free of charge. This insurance compensates senior clients for damage caused to any of items or property damaged during the move at a rate of .60 per pound. For senior clients seeking additional insurance coverage, we offer two additional insurance coverage packages:

  • The Replacement Cost Coverage Plan
  • The Replacement Value Protection Plan

Our policy is to be upfront with costs and labor. To see our pricing, please visit our Pricing & Services page.

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Have more questions about our valuation plans or senior moving services in Shoreline? Contact us today; we are always happy to help our local seniors make their move fast, convenient, and worry-free.

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