Apartment Movers in Shoreline

If you are planning on moving out of your Shoreline apartment and need some assistance with the moving process — look no further!

Here at On The Go Moving, it is our mission to make moving as simple and stress-free as possible. We are proud to be providing apartment moving services to Shoreline and the surrounding area and would like to help you with your upcoming apartment move.


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How to Prepare Your Apartment for a Move

First off, let’s talk about how you can prepare your apartment for your upcoming Shoreline move. There are a number of things that we’d recommend Shoreline apartment residents do in order to receive their damage deposit back and leave their apartment on a good note with their landlord.


1. Inform Your Landlord of the Upcoming Move

The first thing you need to do once you’ve decided to move out of your Shoreline apartment is to inform your landlord of your decision.

Letting your landlord know that you plan on moving out will help you avoid possible hidden fees and will give your landlord the courtesy of being able to start looking for a new renter.


2. Declutter Your Shoreline Apartment

Decluttering your Shoreline apartment will help your move to be so much easier!

Pack up anything you no longer use and send it to your local donation or recycle center. Doing so will save you time spent packing and lots of stressing over unnecessary clutter.


3. Do a Final Deep Clean of the Apartment

Doing a final deep clean of your Shoreline apartment will ensure the return of your damage deposit and that you leave on a good note with your landlord.

Repair and replace anything that might need it and don’t forget to thoroughly dust and ventilate.

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Apartment Moving Services in Shoreline

Now that we’ve gone over how you can prepare your apartment for your upcoming move, let’s talk about our Shoreline moving services.

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Our Moving Service Plans

At On The Go Moving, we offer a variety of services plans to meet the varying needs of apartment residents. We want to be of as much service to you during your move as we can be, so we’ve tailored our moving plans to offer a variety of different useful packages for your convenience.


Labor-only Service

If you already have arrangements made to transport your belongings but need assistance loading and unloading them, then our labor-only service is for you.

We will send you two of our expert movers to assist you with the loading and unloading of your belongings. And don’t worry, if you think you will need a third mover, we can add one to your package at an additional cost per hour. 

With our labor-only service bear in mind that if you would like help unloading your belongings at your new apartment our movers charge a travel time fee on top of the hourly rate. Read more about our pricing here.


Economy Moving Package

You can have our professional movers assist you with everything from loading, transporting, and unloading your possessions. On The Go Moving will provide you with a moving truck and two movers to get your move done in record time. Read more about our pricing here.


Value Moving Package

Our value moving package is for Shoreline residents who own a larger number of possessions or have a big apartment that they are moving out of.

This package is for people who just want the speediest moving process possible and don’t have the time to see to all the details themselves.

This package comes with three professional movers and one moving truck. Read more about our pricing here.


Packing Service

If you simply need help with packing only, On The Go Moving has you covered there too!

You can secure the help of two packing experts to help you get your apartment packed up and ready for your move. If you need packing materials, On The Go Moving can also provide those at an additional cost. Read more about our pricing here.


Secure a Stress-Free Move Today

At On The Go Moving, we believe that moving doesn’t need to be stressful.

With the proper plan and materials, packing and moving out of your Shoreline apartment can be a speedy and relatively stress-free experience.

Contact On The Go Moving today to discuss a possible moving plan or if you have any additional questions about the services we offer.

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