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Tukwila is a busy place with residents constantly moving into or out of its limits. Whether you are approaching a residential, business, or senior move you may find that you are in need of additional moving assistance.

Here at On The Go Moving, we offer quality moving services to residents in the Tukwila area. It is our goal to make sure that our clients have the easiest residential transition possible and to do this our team of moving experts is equipped with the knowledge and appropriate tools to see your move to completion.

Regardless of your current residential situation, our experts at On The Go Moving are able to help you with your relocation. Below is detailed some of the moving packages that are offered by our expert team. Because we want you to have the perfect moving plan for your upcoming relocation, we offer a variety of different packages to ensure that whatever your needs we have something that will suit you. Read more about our pricing here.


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Tukwila Residential Moving

If you are approaching a residential move into or out of the Tukwila area, On The Go Moving is able to assist you. We offer residential moving plans to Tukwila clients and have a expert team equipped to help you settle into your new location.

Moving homes is a very busy time for most people, there is packing, cleaning, decluttering, and more to do. On top of that, many people are required to continue their normal working schedule without any consideration of the moving process that needs to be completed.

Our team of residential moving experts will help you cut down on lost time and efficiently prepare you and your belongings for the upcoming move. We can handle your move while you continue on with normal life or adjust to moving to a new city.


We Are Local:

Business and Office Moving In Tukwila

At On The Go Moving, we are also equipped to handle business and office moves for employees of the Tukwila area. We understand that this kind of move is vastly different from a residential move and requires increased care when handling business equipment or office files. Our team of moving professionals is able to assist business owners as well as office employees in relocating to a new office or headquarters. We take care of the delicate moving process so that you are free to continue working or running your business efficiently. Our movers understand the importance of running a business efficiently and so prioritize your move so that it is completed carefully as well as in a minimal timeframe to allow you to begin operation immediately in your new location. Read more about our pricing here.


Commercial Movers In Tukwila WA

Here at On The Go Moving, we believe in local businesses and support them as the foundation of any community. We are proud to offer relocation services to small retail business owners in Tukwila and the surrounding area. We want you to have an efficient and affordable moving experience so that your business can continue to thrive in a new location.

Our commercial moving experts have experience helping commercial retail businesses change locations and are equipped with the knowledge and skill as to how to execute your move in a manner that will be best suited to you. Read more about our pricing here.


Senior Movers Located In Tukwila

Undergoing a senior move is perhaps the most difficult type of move that you or a loved one will experience. Typically, senior moves involve a lot more fragile and cherished belongings than other types of moves and also carry a lot of emotions. Assisting a senior with moving into a senior home or in with family can be an emotional time for the senior as they face letting go of the past and the home that they have made so many memories in.

Here at On The Go Moving, our team of professional movers has assisted hundreds of seniors with their relocation. We understand the delicate emotional balance surrounding each senior move and are able to offer our services in a way that is sensitive and trustworthy. Many senior folks are apprehensive about strangers packing and transporting their belongings so our team strives to assure the senior and develop a relationship of trust. Read more about our pricing here.


Storage Services For Tukwila Residents

If you find that your new location lacks sufficient space for your possessions, you may want to consider renting a storage vault for extra stuff that you don’t want to get rid of. On The Go Moving is proud to offer storage solutions to Tukwila home or business owners looking for a temporary or long term vault. Our vaults are secure and climate-controlled (Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?) to ensure the safety of your belongings. We offer vaults that are five feet in width, seven feet in height, and seven feet in length.

Storage services are the perfect in-between solution and provide you with an extra measure of comfort knowing that your belongings are secure and there whenever you may have a need for them.

If you need assistance moving your stuff into one of our storage vaults, we can provide you with movers per hour. Read more about our pricing here.


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Labor Only Moving Services In Tukwila

If you already have moving day transportation sorted out and only need assistance with the loading and unloading of your items, we offer a labor only moving service to accommodate that. We will provide you with all of the necessary equipment to complete the loading and unloading of your items. We have a basic tool kit, dollies, pads, and covers to ensure the proper handling and careful moving of your belongings. If you wish to have your move completed in a minimal time frame, we can add movers to your plan per hour per mover. We also can help you unload your belongings at your final destination if you would like, but please bear in mind that travel time fees may apply. Read more about our pricing here.


Packing Services

Packing is the most time-consuming aspect of any move. If you do not have enough time to do all the packing for your move or you simply want to expedite the packing process, On The Go Moving offers a packing service to Tukwila clients.

We are equipped to carefully pack all of your belongings in a manner that will safely get them to your new destination. Our packing service includes two experienced packers as well as all the necessary packing supplies at a small additional fee. If you would like to add more packers to your plan you can do so per hour per packer.

Having packing assistance will free up hours of your time that you would otherwise spend packing and will save you a considerable amount of stress. Allow our team of packing experts to help you with your upcoming move so that you can focus on the other aspects of relocating. Read more about our pricing here.


Supplemental Valuation Coverages

If you would like to add coverage to your moving plan, we offer three different kinds of valuation overage to our clients. Having a coverage plan in place helps our clients to have increased peace of mind knowing that their items are being carefully handled and have coverage in the rare event that they sustain damage.

The three valuation coverages offered by On The Go Moving are:

    1. Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, this option provides basic compensation. Read more about our insurance options.
    2. Replacement Cost Coverage: This insurance option has a larger deductible for the entire shipment. Read more about our pricing here.
    3. Replacement Value Protection: This insurance is our highest tier of insurance. Read more about our pricing here.


Hire The Best Movers In Tukwila

Here at On The Go Moving, we believe in providing quality, affordable moving services to residents or business owners in the Tukwila area. If you are approaching a move and require assistance whether that be packing, transporting, loading, or unloading, let On The Go Moving provide you with the manpower to get the job done.

If you would like to view our pricing for the different moving services we offer, you can do so on our pricing and servicing page. Contact On The Go Moving & Storage for a free quote today!

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