Our Senior Moving Services in Kirkland

Our senior moving services are geared for one thing and one thing only: helping our Kirkland seniors relocate to a new home with as little stress as possible. We do this because we know how emotional of a time this can be in the life of a senior. Whether the move involves downsizing into a new home or condo, or in making the transition from their own home to a retirement home, we’re there for them throughout the entire moving process.

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Moving Services for Kirkland Seniors

For many seniors, their existing home has been a consistent part of their life for many years. Just the thought of leaving their home for another is daunting, and this can be particularly so if the move is into a retirement community. Throughout this process, our moving professionals are experts in assisting and supporting seniors.

Our staff are all trained movers and skilled in helping Kirkland seniors. They possess the sensitivity needed to make seniors and their families feel comfortable during the transition, and have been educated and trained to alleviate any stress while performing the entire moving process.

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Relocation Services for Retirement Homes

In cases where a senior is transitioning from their own home to a retirement community, our staff makes it their priority to meet each and every family member and friends who are involved in the move. This is done as a matter of course for the purpose of not only planning the specifics of the move, but also for planning the specific moving needs the senior will require once in their new lodgings.

Moving into a new home or to a retirement home can vary in terms of the size and type of move required. Our professionals are very familiar with the fact that every move is different. We employ a flexible system of processes that ensure all aspects of the move are met to the satisfaction of the senior and their family and friends. To this end, we offer several moving options:

Primary Moving Services

This is our primary plan for seniors moving in the Kirkland area. It provides one moving truck and the services of two of our professional movers. These professionals will do everything associated with the move such as loading and unloading the truck, as well as driving from the existing home to the new home.

They’ll arrive at the job with all necessary equipment to facilitate the move, such as tools for furniture disassembly and assembly, moving pads, and dollies. They’ll make sure any furniture disassembled for the move is put back together and operable at the new location. In addition, the movers will ensure protection from damages to floors, stairways, banisters, and doorways.

Labor Only Services

Does a family member or friend have a truck large enough for the move? In this instance, we can provide a labor only service so that seniors will have the manpower available to load and unload the truck, even if the move is simply from upstairs to downstairs in the same facility. This labor only option includes all necessary tools that will be needed to move the belongings from the existing home to the new home.

Packing Only Services

If your senior move is going to also require the packing of the senior’s belongings, we offer a professional packing service. Our packers will make sure the belongings are carefully and safely packed to ensure they arrive at the new destination undamaged. One of the best benefits of this service is that we can schedule your packers for same day of move service as well as over a few days time, whichever is most convenient.


Your move automatically comes, free of charge, with our Basic Value Protection Plan which compensates the senior for damage of items resulting from the move. However, if you feel you wish to have more than basic coverage we offer two additional plans: our Replacement Cost Coverage Plan and our Replacement Value Protection Plan.

To learn more about our valuation plans and about our senior moving services in Kirkland, give us a call at 425-440-3241.

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