Senior Moving in Renton

Moving can be a difficult and emotional time for seniors. At On the Go Moving, our mission is to provide the best senior moving service in Renton, relocating seniors with as much ease as possible.

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Our services assist with moving Renton seniors to a new location. Our staff is professional, polite, trained and fully licensed and insured. Our services include but are not limited to assisting seniors in:

  • Relocation to a new home
  • Downsizing from a home to an apartment or condo
  • Safely and smoothly moving into a retirement community

Renton Senior Moving Services

Moving is never easy, but especially so when you are a senior relocating from where you have spent much of your life to a new and unfamiliar community. Not only is the moving process physically hard, but there is also a difficult emotional journey to be had when moving from one’s family home. Our staff are experienced in helping seniors smoothly through this transition in Renton.

We treat our moves with sensitivity and respect, taking special care to focus on the needs of our seniors in Renton and their families. Our professional moving team understands that for the elderly this experience can be overwhelming, and are trained to lessen the stress of the relocation by streamlining the entire move.

We Are Local:

Moving Staff and Senior Living Relocation Services

Before the move, our staff will meet with you and your family. We will plan the details of your move, and identify any heirlooms and valuables that they will need extra care. We know our seniors have family heirlooms that come moving day should be treated with utmost care.

You need to be able to rely on a company that can adapt to take on a job of any size, as every move is different. If you’re moving into a retirement community or a new home, our team has a adaptable system that will provide you with the best service for the job.


Moving Service and Relocation Assistance

For Renton area seniors, our basic moving plan includes one truck with two movers. Our trained movers will expertly handle all of your move’s details. They will quickly and safely load, drive to your new home, and unload.

Our movers will be prepared with the right equipment. We have dollies, moving pads and all the tools to break down and assemble any furniture that needs to be taken apart for the move. After unloading at the new location, our movers will reassemble any furniture they broke down. During the move our professional team will protect your flooring, doorways banisters and stairways as they move.  


Labor-only Movers for Seniors

If you are transporting your items yourself but need assistance with packing and loading, we also provide moving plans of this nature. We provide professional manpower that you can rely on to do the heavy lifting and carrying for your move in Renton.


Moving Packing Service for Seniors

On the Go Moving proudly offers packing services for the elderly as well as aging adults. Our team is flexible, and we can provide same day moving services as well as extended day services if needed. Our staff will come arrive at your home and pack each of your items with the care they would take packing their own belongings.

Before the move, our team with go over all costs with you up front so there are no surprises. If you are in need of packing material we are happy to provide it; however, it will incur an extra charge.


Supplemental Valuations and Coverages

Supplemental valuation is insurance that we offer for our customers. There are three types of plans we offer for your items:

  1. Basic Value
  2. Replacement Cost Plan with deductible
  3. Replacement Value Plan

We provide basic value insurance to cover all of our shipments. If you desire further protection please request it and we will happily work out a plan to provide you coverage.

Our Moving Services:

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