Moving your business – whether it be a suite of offices, a small retail store or a business trade such as a plumbing or electrical service company – is a stressful event. Why compound that with the additional stress involved in the physical moving of desks and file cabinets, coolers and counter tops, small machinery and inventory?

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Here in Kirkland, On the Go Moving specializes in ensuring that moving your business from one location to another will be expertly planned, prepped, packed and moved. We understand that time is at a premium, and every minute of downtime may have financial consequences. With that end in sight, our time spent with you in pre-planning every significant detail of the move will result in our being able to quickly and efficiently help you to be back up and running in Kirkland in no time at all.


Planning Your Business Move in Kirkland

We believe that the time you spend with our estimators in pre-planning your business move is the single most effective way to ensure a well conceived and speedy move that will help you return to normal business operations in Kirkland as soon as possible. During this planning phase, we’ll establish the timeframe and logistical aspects of your move, as well as a strategy to execute it, making sure nothing is left to chance. We’ll listen to your ideas and your concerns and offer you the benefit of our years of proven experience in helping business owners transition from one location to another.

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Our Dedicated Service and Staff Ensures Quality Results

As the leader in commercial moving in the Kirkland area, our highly trained and professional staff is experienced in moving all types of business equipment and furniture. We take the time and care to make sure that sensitive and expensive equipment such as computers, tools, or machinery is packed and transported in a manner that ensures safety. In addition, we offer you the comfort that comes in knowing we are a fully licensed and insured business entity with years of experiencing in the Kirkland area.


Our Moving Plans Let You Choose the Services You Need

Here at On the Go Moving, our philosophy is to be professionally staffed, trained and equipped to offer our business customers here in Kirkland any combination of services that caters to their individual needs. We realize that what might work for one business might not work for yours. That’s why our moving plans are tailored to accommodate only the types of services that you need.

Our Labor-Only Moving Plan

It may be that your business maintains a vehicle fleet that is more than adequate for transporting your business’s furniture and equipment, and all you need is some reliable labor. On the Go Moving can provide you with professional and experienced manpower to load and unload your belongings. Our workers come fully equipped with the moving tools and dollies needed to do the job.

Our Packing-Only Plan

Many times businesses find that they may be better off relying on a professional packing service. This is done, in most instances, to help ensure that valuable furniture and equipment is packed in a manner that maximizes safety during transport. Whether it be the same day we’ve scheduled to move your business, or the day before, we offer a packing plan that will be gentle on your budget.


Let Us Relieve the Stress of Moving

We are able to meet any and all of your individual business moving needs in Kirkland. We do everything from packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking to any combination thereof. Contact us today for a free quote so we can get busy with helping you successfully move your business at an affordable price.

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