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Senior Moving Services in Sammamish

For seniors, moving is often an emotional, stressful, and difficult time. Because of this, our mission is to provide the best moving services for seniors in Sammamish possible, while providing a professional stress-free experience for all those involved in the move.

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Senior Moving Services for Sammamish Seniors

Our moving teams can assist by taking on the physical aspects involved in senior moving. We are happy to assist seniors in relocating, downsizing, or moving into a new Sammamish home or condo. We can even help seniors safely and easily move into retirement communities.

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Senior Moving and Management Staff

Moving is never easy – moving from a home that you’ve lived in your entire life and relocating to a new neighborhood can be even harder on a senior. Our skilled staff can support and assist you during this challenging time by allowing seniors to focus on making this transition.

Our moving teams are professional movers, and we are fully insured and licensed. We treat each senior move into a retirement community individually and focus on the special sensitivities and needs of seniors. Our professional teams understand the stress that comes with a move and have trained to streamline the moving process and make it less stressful for seniors.


Retirement Living Moving Services and Senior Moving Management Staff

Our staff will communicate with your family to work out all moving details before any moving begins. We take special care in moving and handling heirlooms and valuables, assuring seniors that their valuable belongings will be handled with the best of care.

When moving into a new Sammamish condo, home or retirement community, you need the confidence to know that your moving company can handle all the specifics of the job. On the Go Moving treats no two jobs exactly the same, but has a flexible system that will fit any job of any size to serve your needs.


Moving Service Plans

We offer Sammamish seniors a simple moving plan that includes one truck and two movers. Movers will take care of each step of your move from the loading of the vehicle, transporting, and unloading everything into the new home.

Additionally, our moving staff provides the necessary moving equipment, including dollies, moving pads, and other tools to assemble and disassemble furniture. Our senior moving service provides moving mats to protect your carpet, floors, doorways, staircases, and banisters during the move.

Senior Labor-Only Services

We also offer labor-only moving plans for individuals who are not in need of moving transportation. Allow our professionals to provide the manpower to make your move more convenient – we do all of the heavy lifting.

In addition to providing the manpower, this service also provides all basic equipment for the move, such as dollies, and any tools needed to disassemble and reassemble furniture on location.

Labor-only moving services includes two movers at the rate of $105 an hour. This rate is hourly and increases by $40 per additionally requested mover.

Packing Service for Sammamish Seniors

We also offer packaging services for seniors. Our team can pack your belongings the same day or over the course of several days, whichever best accommodates your needs. Our staff is trained to swiftly and carefully pack all of your items ensuring that they’re packed with care for your move.

We can provide any packing materials that are needed, but this may incur additional charges. We will always discuss with you beforehand any extra service costs – we do not believe in “hidden fees”!

The rates for our packaging services is $105 per hour for two movers with an increased rate of $40 per hour for each additional mover requested.

Valuation and Supplemental Coverages:

We offer three types of supplemental valuation insurance for your items:

  • Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, compensation is .60 cents per pound for a damaged item.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage with $300 Deductible: The cost of this insurance is $1.15 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment.
  • Replacement Value Protection: The cost of this insurance is $1.40 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment.

For every move, you are provided the Basic Value Protection. If you would like an increased level of protection we will be happy to provide that to you.


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