Senior Moving in Issaquah, WA

Moving can be a stressful and emotional process. For seniors, especially those moving from a long-term home, moving can be particularly difficult. At On The Go Moving, we understand this difficulty and provide premium senior moving services in Issaquah. Our highest priority is helping you or your loved ones have a smooth and effortless relocation.

There are a number of reasons you may choose to relocate. But whether it’s downsizing from a large residence to a condo, or moving into a retirement community, we can take care of the physical aspect of moving, which greatly eases the emotional side. We ensure that the move will be safe and efficient, and we will work with you to guarantee that each belonging is moved carefully and respectfully.

Issaquah Senior Moving Services

Our Senior Moving Management Staff

For those moving from a house they have called home for years, relocating is never easy. The new neighborhood and house are unfamiliar, and the moving process is exhausting. This situation is even more trying for older adults. The expert staff at On The Go have experience supporting and assisting our elderly clients during the move. Each team member is trained and certified to be the best, most efficient and careful movers in Issaquah.

We recognize that relocating a client to a retirement community requires a unique degree of sensitivity. We know just how important it is to listen to the needs of moving seniors, as well as their families, and respect the process. As a result, we have trained our professional movers to properly streamline the work and make the entire situation less overwhelming for our seniors.

Before we get started on the moving process, we meet with the client, and their family or friends, and iron out the important details. We are highly trained in the moving of important items like heirlooms, pieces of art, and other valuables, and it is our priority to treat items of importance with the care they deserve.

In addition to our expert senior citizen relocation services, we provide the exact moving package that your situation requires. Our system is designed to be flexible, allowing you to get the right services at an affordable rate, no matter the size or type of move.

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Senior Moving Service and Relocation Assistance

In many senior moving situations, we find that our basic moving plan, two movers and one truck, is the best place to start. Our movers manage each and every detail of the move, including packing, loading, transportation, and unloading.

Our moving team will bring all necessary equipment, which may include moving pads, dollies, and various tools for moving furniture. If the situation is such that we need to disassemble any furniture to move, we will reassemble each piece at the new living space. We also bring protection for carpet, hardwood, and other flooring, as well as safety precautions for doorways and staircases.

Issaquah Senior Moving Services

Labor-Only Moving Services For Seniors

In order to more effectively serve moving seniors, we offer labor-only moving services for those who already have transportation. We would then manage all the physical labor and provide the manpower you need to pack, lift, and carry your belongings anywhere you need. Whether you need furniture carried up a flight of stairs, or you just need help loading boxes into a truck, our professional movers are ready to help.

For more information on our labor-only moving services, visit our pricing and services page.

Senior Moving Packing Services

In addition to our basic moving packages and labor-only services, we offer packing services for older adults. Whether you want everything packed on the day of the move, or you want to prepare ahead of time, we will gladly serve you as long as you need. Our expert team members are trained to pack in a way that minimizes your belongings shifting around in boxes, ensuring their safe arrival at the new location.

For more information on our packing services, visit our pricing and services page.

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