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Our senior moving services are committed to one priority above all else: making every senior’s transition to a new home as anxiety-free and painless as possible. When a senior citizen has lived in their home for the majority of their lifetime, packing up and moving can be emotionally difficult regardless of the reason for their move.

The good news is that our moving team is ready to help you make that transition to your new life and your new home in North Bend quickly and easily. Whether you are downsizing your home, transitioning to a senior living center, or moving into an assisted living facility, we are there for you at every step of your move.

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Moving Services for North Bend Seniors

For many senior citizens, their home has been where their life in all its forms has taken place for decades. Even considering leaving a place with so many years of memories can be frightening, particularly if they are transitioning to a retirement community or assisted living. Our packers and movers that provide our senior moving services in North Bend are trained to make that big step seem smaller and easier and to balance senior customer’s unique needs with the demands of the move.

As skilled professionals, our people have extensive experience assisting North Bend seniors. Each member of our team is a caring individual who is sensitive to how difficult moving can be for seniors, and our staff will alleviate the stress and anxiety that many seniors experience when moving out of their old home and into a new one.

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Relocation Services for Retirement Homes

At some point in their life, many senior citizens make the decision to move out of their home and into a retirement community. Retirement community relocations tend to be tricky moves due to the fact that space and storage considerations are very specific. What will go to the new residence and what will go into storage or be dropped off elsewhere needs to be decided in advance.

Our team is well aware of the unique needs and considerations of every move, so we employ our own flexible system of processes. Our moving system is designed to provide seniors, their family, friends, and everyone else involved an efficient move that provides our ideal customer experience. In order to account for the wide variety of many seniors’ moving needs, we offer the following options.

Primary Moving Services

Our basic moving service plan for senior citizens in the North Bend area, the primary moving services provides everything you need to get your property from one location to another. We send one moving truck and two of our professional movers with the primary service. Our movers will do all the loading and unloading of your belongings, and drive the truck to transport your things to your new home.

Upon arrival, our movers will have all the necessary tools for assembling and disassembling furniture, moving pads to protect floors and delicate furniture finishes, and dollies/hand trucks to expedite the moving process. They will also ensure that any furniture requiring disassembly for the move is safely reassembled and operational in your new North Bend location. Furthermore, our team members are thoroughly trained in how to move furniture and other property without causing damage to stairways, walls, doorways, banisters, and any other potentially vulnerable components of your old or new home.

Labor-Only Services

Already have a truck lined up through family or personal connections? Call us for labor services to handle the heavy lifting and loading/unloading for you. Even if your senior is only moving from an upstairs residence to a downstairs one in the same facility, we can help make your move fast, safe, and easy. Labor-only services still include two highly skilled movers and the tools they need to move your furniture and belongings from your old home to your new home.

Packing Only Services

Collecting and packing your belongings from a lifetime in your home can be a daunting process. Many seniors find it to be one of the most difficult tasks of a move. There is no cause for distress however – call On the Go Moving Services for our packaging only services.

The members of our packing team will carefully and safely pack up your belongings and possessions. They will get them ready to be transported to your new home. Our service scheduling is flexible, and you can make appointments for packing and moving on the same day or on different days depending on what is most convenient for you.


All of our moves come with our Basic Value Protection Plan at no charge. In the event that property damage occurs during a move, senior clients are compensated at a rate of .60 per pound. Should you feel that more coverage is needed, we also offer two additional moving insurance plans: the Replacement Cost Coverage Plan and the Replacement Value Protection Plan:

  • The Replacement Cost Coverage
  • The Replacement Value Protection Plan

To view the details for each one of our protection plans, please visit our Pricing & Services page.

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