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Kirkland Apartment Movers

Are you preparing to move out of your Kirkland apartment? Moving is often a stressful and difficult process — but it doesn’t have to be. Here at On The Go Moving, we have over a decade of experience helping our customers move between apartments and cities. No matter the size of the job, we’ve seen it before. Our moving crews are well-trained and fully licensed, able to adapt to difficult Kirkland moving situations and skilled in transporting delicate items.

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The professionalism of our moving staff has given On The Go Moving a reputable name here in Kirkland. Our excellent customer service, lasting customer relationships, and ability to complete a job quickly and without error will help you move into or out of your apartment with ease.

Our Apartment Moving Services in Kirkland

Before our team of Kirkland apartment movers start working on your residential move, we’ll go over a moving plan with you to ensure we’re all on the same page. We will make sure to discuss important items that need moving or fragile items that need to be transported with extra care.

Once all the details have been discussed, we’ll write up a detailed moving plan customized for your apartment.

We want to give you the best moving experience possible, so one of our biggest goals is to take as much of the moving stress as we can off your shoulders. Our highly trained Kirkland moving team promises to do their utmost to make your apartment move easy, efficient, and stress-free.

Before meeting with our movers, there are some important things you should start doing in preparation for your move.

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How To Prepare For An Apartment Move

If you are planning on moving out of your apartment soon, there are some things you should make sure to complete before you lock the front door for the last time.

1. Tell Your Landlord You Are Leaving

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget to check with their landlord before moving. A lot of rental apartments require a written notice that you intend to leave, so make sure you talk with your landlord before moving day.

2. Declutter!

Moving apartments offers you the chance to go through your belongings and get rid of unnecessary or old items. Not only will this make the packing process easier, it will also give you a cheaper moving cost since our moving crew won’t have to transport as many boxes.

3. Clean Like The Queen Is Visiting

Your landlord will probably charge you a hefty cleaning fee if you leave your apartment dirty. To prevent this, and to ensure you get your security deposit back, do a thorough cleaning of your walls, floors, and cupboards, making sure to repair any damages.

Our Moving Service Plans

Here at On The Go Moving, we offer a variety of flexible moving packages that can be curated to meet the needs of your family.

Labor-Only Service

If you would prefer to transport your own possessions, this moving plan is for you. On The Go Moving offers a labor-only moving service that gives you the manpower to get the job done while also allowing you to transport your items yourself.

Our Kirkland apartment movers will also provide the necessary equipment (such as dollies and basic tools) needed for making the move.

The basic labor-only apartment moving service includes two movers at the cost of $105 an hour, if you would like to add a third mover, the price will increase by $40 per hour (travel time fees also apply).

Our labor-only moving service is excellent for Kirkland residents who already have vehicles capable of moving their belongings and feel more comfortable transporting it themselves.

If you any questions concerning our labor-only package don’t hesitate to contact On the Go Moving today.

Economy Moving Package

If you are looking to have our movers load and transport your belongings, then this package is for you.  Our economy moving includes two movers and one moving truck at a rate of $125 per hour.

Value Moving Package

Do you have a larger apartment? If so, then consider our value moving package. This package is ideal for two bedroom apartments and includes three movers and one truck at a rate of $165 per hour.

Our Packing Services

On the Go Moving also offers a packing service to Kirkland residents at the same hourly rate as our labor-only service (with the additional expense of the packing materials used). Our Kirkland movers can create a moving plan with you and carefully pack your belongings for moving day.

Our rates are $105 per hour for two packers with an increased price of $40 per hour per additional packer (travel time fees apply).

Get A Move On Today

Your upcoming move doesn’t need to be a source of stress. By working with a professional moving company On The Go Moving, you can ensure a safe and efficient move.

Our fully licensed movers are standing by, ready to help you load the truck. For more details about our moving services and packages, contact us today.

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