For seniors, moving can be a very difficult and emotional time. Therefore, it is our mission, as one of the best movers we offer senior moving services in Seattle, to help seniors relocate as easily as possible.

Our Senior Moving services can better help the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults. This may include assisting Seattle seniors to relocate to a new home, helping a senior downsize from a home to a condo, or assisting you in moving more safely and carefully to a retirement community.

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Our Senior Moving Management Staff

Moving isn’t easy, especially if you’re moving from a home you’ve lived in for most of your life and relocating to a neighborhood or retirement community where you don’t know anyone. As an older adult, this transition is even more challenging. Our moving staff are there to support and assist, and they are efficient and careful.

All our staff are trained, professional movers, and we are a fully licensed and insured moving company.

We approach each retirement community move with special sensitivity to the needs of moving seniors and their families. Our senior citizen relocation professionals understand how overwhelming a senior move can be, and we are specifically trained to streamline the process and make the move less stressful for our seniors.

Senior Moving Management Staff + Retirement Living Relocation Services

Before we begin the move, we will meet with you and your family or friends to work out the details of your move. We are specially trained in the handling of heirlooms and valuables, and can assure our seniors that their special items will be treated with utmost care.

Whether you are moving to a new home, condo or retirement community, you need a company that can take on any type or size of job specific for your needs. No two moving jobs are exactly the same. Our flexible system lets you get the right services you need for any size job.

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Senior Moving Service and Relocation Assistance

Our basic moving plan for seniors in the Seattle area includes two movers and one truck. Our movers will handle all of the details of the move, including loading, driving, and unloading the truck.

We will also provide all equipment necessary such as dollies, moving pads, as well as a tool kit so we can assemble / disassemble furniture as needed. Any furniture that is disassembled will be reassembled at its end location. We also provide floor protection for carpet and hardwood flooring. Doorways, staircases and banisters will be protected by the use of moving pads.


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Labor-Only Moving Services For Seniors

In addition to our moving plans, we also offer labor-only moving services for those who prefer to provide their own transportation. This service makes it convenient for you to get the manpower you need to load and/or unload your belongings or to move items between the upstairs and downstairs of the same facility.

Our senior relocation services of Seattle not only provide you with the manpower, but we are the only other moving service that also includes the basic equipment such as dollies and tools necessary to take apart furniture or other items.


Senior Moving Packing Service

On The Go Moving also offers a packing service for seniors or older adults. We can accommodate for packing the same day as your move or we can provide these services over the course of several days. Our staff is trained to pack carefully and efficiently to minimize shifting of your items, keeping them safe and snug.

Packing materials may incur an extra charge. This will be discussed with you before we begin services during our consultation so that there are no ‘hidden fees’.


Supplemental Valuation Coverages:

We offer three types of supplemental valuation insurance for your items:

  1. Basic Value Protection.
  2. Replacement Cost Coverage with Deductible
  3. Replacement Value Protection.

For every move, you are provided the Basic Value Protection. If you would like an increased level of protection we will be happy to provide that to you.

Our Moving Services:

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