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Hunting for a trustworthy Seattle moving company near North Bend? Look no further, On The Go Moving is the moving service for you. We’ve spent years acquiring the experience and team members needed to become an industry leader among moving companies in the greater Seattle area. Whether you are planning a move for your North Bend business, home, family, or senior family member, On The Go Moving has the perfect moving package for you. 


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North Bend, WA Movers You Can Trust

Our reviews speak for themselves. The team here at On The Go Moving has a track record of providing North Bend businesses and residents with quality moving services. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we prioritize efficiency — so that your move can be completed on schedule and you can get back to normal life.  


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A North Bend Moving Company?  

We believe that “surprises” during a move are never a good thing (whether that be complications or hidden fees). We value open and honest communication and do our very best to ensure that our clients understand our pricing structures and moving process. 

When you work with On The Go Moving, you are working with the very best moving crews in the greater Seattle area. Our teams are well trained and have years of experience helping North Bend residents and businesses move. When you work with us, you can expect the best. 

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Our North Bend, WA Moving Services

We understand that each move is unique and so we offer different moving services and packages to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our movers are also trained and have the experience necessary to tailor their services to your move. 

Our most popular moving services in North Bend are apartment movers, office and business moves, residential moves, senior moves, and retail and commercial moving. We also offer packing, labor-only, and North Bend storage vault services to make your moving day even more stress-free. 


Residential Moving

Due to its proximity to Seattle, a steady stream of people are moving in and out of North Bend each year. If you are one of these, then we have a trusted residential moving service for you! No matter how big your home or how many boxes you have, On The Go Moving’s expert moving crew will help you get transitioned into your next home. 

Our moving teams have the training, experience, and equipment needed to handle any move. Are you moving out of a smaller house? Great! Your move will only take a couple of brief hours. Or, are you moving out of a large residential home with several staircases? Not to worry — we can handle it! It doesn’t matter what kind of living situation you are moving from, whether that be a duplex, apartment, or condo, we will be able to accommodate any stairs, elevators, or other tricky moving situations.  

If you don’t think you have enough time to pack everything up, we can take care of that too. Just request our add-on packing service when you book your move and we will send a team of professional packers to help you put your belongings into boxes. Our packers are well trained and have the experience needed to delicately pack any fragile belongings. 


Business and Office Movers

Moving your office space to a new location requires working with a moving company that understands and is able to accommodate the unique demands of a business move

At On The Go Moving, our professional movers have successfully transitioned many North Bend offices and business to their new spaces. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to transport heavy office furniture and delicate items to your office’s new location.  

Our movers realize that your business needs to keep running during the move, and so we will make sure to create a strategic moving plan that gets you moved to the new location with as little downtime as possible. 

On The Go Moving is an industry leader in North Bend and the greater Seattle area. With a proven track record of high ratings and successfully completed moves, you can rest assured that we have the experience necessary to bring your business move to a positive conclusion.


Commercial Moving in North Bend, WA

We believe that small and local businesses are the backbone of our community, and this is why we are proud to offer small-to-medium retailers in North Bend an affordable and efficient moving service.

If you are planning a move for your commercial or retail store, contact our team to see how On The Go Moving can help you get transitioned into your new space. Our professional movers are standing by and are ready to help! We have the trucks, crew, and equipment needed to successfully move small or medium sized retailers. 


Senior Movers

Moving is never easy, but helping a senior organize their exit from a longtime family home is one of the most difficult moving situations. With this kind of move the difficulty comes from the heavy emotions caused by moving (see: moving your elderly parents out of their home). 

Many seniors have lived the majority of their lives in their current home and so saying goodbye to that location can be quite stressful. This is why you need to hire a moving company that has experience with senior moves and understands the unique stresses that seniors are under during this kind of transition. 

Here at On The Go Moving, our moving crews have successfully completed hundreds of senior moves and this has given us the skills needed to carry out smooth and stress-free senior moves every time. We understand that this can be one of the most anxious times in a senior’s life and so make it our goal to provide a calm and easy moving experience. 


Storage Vault Service Needs

Do you have too many packed boxes and not enough space at your new home or business location? On The Go Moving has the perfect storage solution for you! Our large Redmond-based warehouse is filled with storage vaults that you can use as the middle place between your old and new homes or business spaces. These vaults are 7 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 7 feet high and can be loaded whenever is convenient for you.

Our warehouse is secure and has climate control to ensure your belongings are safe. We also keep your items wrapped in protective material to ensure that they receive no damage during the loading and unloading process. By storing your extra boxes or furniture with us, you protect them against burglars, water damage, and temperature changes. 


Labor Only Moving Services

Our labor only service is designed for anyone who has transportation to their new location sorted out and just needs help getting the truck loaded. Choose this service option and we will send you two professional movers equipped with all the needed moving equipment — like cover, dollies, and padding — to get your truck loaded! Our crew can also follow you to the new location and unload the truck there.

For especially large jobs, or to get the move completed faster, we can add movers for a fee increase per hour, per additional mover. Read more about our pricing here.


Packing Services in North Bend

Worried that you won’t have enough time to pack everything up? Then On The Go Moving’s packing service is perfect for you. You can add our packing service to one of our other moving options to create a start to finish moving solution! 

Order our packing service and we will send two experienced packers to your home the day before or the morning of the move to get everything packed up. Have an especially large job? No problem! You can add packers for an additional per hour, per packer.

Read more about our pricing here.



Supplemental Valuation Coverages

Our goal is to provide Lynnwood residents and business with a trustworthy and safe moving service, and part of this is making sure we offer quality insurance options. There are three valuation coverages that we offer our customers.

  1. Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, this option provides basic compensation. Read more about our insurance options.
  2. Replacement Cost Coverage: This insurance option has a larger deductible for the entire shipment. Read more about our pricing here.
  3. Replacement Value Protection: This insurance is our highest tier of insurance. Read more about our pricing here.

For every move we do, Basic Value Protection is automatically added. If you would like an increased level of insurance protection, we would be happy to provide you with that.


Experienced Movers In North Bend

Ready to experience the move of your dreams? Contact On The Go Moving today to talk with one of our experienced moving professionals. Or visit our pricing and services page to find immediate answers to your pricing questions and to schedule your move. 

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