As Seattle continues to grow and develop as a hub for businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, the housing demand in neighboring cities has also gone up. One of these suburbs is the forested region of Kirkland — a great location for those looking to avoid the fast-paced life of downtown Seattle, but still hoping to be within commuting distance.

Kirkland was founded and recognized officially as a city in 1888, 37 years after Seattle was founded. Over the last century, it has grown to a population size of 88,630 — making it the sixth largest city in King County.

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The city’s name comes from its founder, Peter Kirk, who opened one of the largest rolling steel mills in the area as a means to create more jobs and sustainability for the region. As the city evolved and grew, it took on the name Kirkland as a tribute to its founder.

Little Known Facts About Kirkland

If you have considered moving to Kirkland, Washington, then it’s probably a good idea to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the city and its heritage before taking the leap and uprooting.

Today’s blog post is all for all those who are curious about what living in Kirkland, Washington is like, and who are wanting to learn a little bit more about the city.

Here are 5 little-known facts about Kirkland so you know what’s waiting for you when it’s time to call a moving company and take the leap.

1. Kirkland’s Waterfronts Rival Seattle’s

The city of Kirkland offers some breathtaking waterfront views that can easily compete with Seattle’s. One advantage of Kirkland’s views is that you can see the Seattle skyline off in the distance, giving you the ability to enjoy the aesthetic of the big city without any of the chaos and noise.

A couple of gorgeous waterfront views that you should definitely visit in Kirkland are Marina Park and Carillon Point. These marinas offer visitors picturesque vistas of the Puget Sound, access to downtown shops, and a variety of waterfront dining.

2. Kirkland has Wine!

Not many people know this about Kirkland, but here’s an inside secret — this city has some incredible wineries! If you enjoy wine and classy, lounge-like environments, be sure to check out some of the wineries Kirkland has to offer. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Some wineries we recommend visiting in the Kirkland area include:

  • Maison DeLille Wine Lounge
  • aMaurice Cellars
  • Northwest Cellars
  • Skylight Cellars

Although many of these wineries have their vineyards in eastern Washington, they have tasting rooms where they host numerous events in the Kirkland area, allowing Kirkland residents to treat themselves to quality wine and enjoy the classy environment.

3. Costco’s “Kirkland Signature” comes from Kirkland, Washington

Yep, that Kirkland Signature brand gets its name from the City of Kirkland!
The first Costco Warehouse was opened in Kirkland on September 15th, 1983. Before Costco moved its headquarters to Issaquah, their company got most of their start where their headquarters were in Kirkland.

4. Kirkland is Home of the Seattle Seahawks

During their first ten seasons (from 1976-1985), the Super Bowl 48 champions had their original headquarters and training facility at the Lake Washington Shipyard (what is now known as Carillon Point) along Lake Washington.
In 2008, the team moved their headquarters and training facilities to Renton, Washington, but it’s still fascinating to know that Kirkland is where the 12th man was born.

5. Kirkland’s Sister City is Emmerich, Germany

Sister cities were invented in 1956 as a means to exchange culture and education with others around the world. Many cities around the globe host annual cultural exchanges, festivals, and even raise money to support each other during times of crisis.
Kirkland’s sister city is Emmerich, Germany, which has allowed for many unique and culturally educational exchanges between the two cities.

A Fascinating City

There you have it: our top five little-known facts about living in Kirkland, Washington. Hopefully, this post has given you some insight into the city’s history and heritage, as well as information about what it’s like to live in Kirkland at our present day.

If you’ve considered moving to Kirkland in the near future we hope that this article was able to give you an idea of what to expect from your new home city. If you are in need of some assistance with your move, whether that be packing, transportation, unloading, or storage, contact On The Go Moving in Kirkland today. We would love to help you out with your move so you can begin your new life in this amazing city with ease and confidence.