On The Go Moving and Storage aims to provide you with dependable and efficient service throughout your moving project. We treat every item we move as if it were our very own, keeping your belongings safe and communicating the status of the moving process at every point. We want you to fully trust your moving team throughout the move, so we employ experienced moving professionals who adapt quickly and efficiently to your situation.

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Bothell WA Movers

Our moving company provides services in the Bothell area for a variety of moving scenarios including individual, business, office, commercial, and senior living moves in Seattle’s Eastside. We also provide climate controlled storage for our clients

We Are Local:

Residential Moving Services in Bothell

Do you live in the Bothell area and are seeking to move to a new home? If so, we would be delighted to help you on your journey. 

Our experience in the moving industry spans many years and enables us to provide great customer service with a proven system that makes your move a smooth one. Our team has the skills it takes to move anything from small residential units like apartment homes and townhouses to large residential moving for bigger homes.

Our team communicates with you to pre-plan for move day, upon which we can pack all of your belongings for you. As your move progresses, we continue to communicate with you and meet your preferences for the big move. Our team of movers remains respectful, responsive and courteous as we move every belonging with which you entrust us. We also have in place a policy to identify and compensate clients in the rare case a breakage does occur. Your belongings are safe with On The Go Moving and Storage.

If you are moving to or from the Bothell area soon, please contact us so we can put you on our move schedule. In as little as 10 minutes you can have a good understanding of what your move process includes, as well as any additional options that may be available to you. Read more about our pricing here.


Business and Office Moving in Bothell

Whether it’s because of a merger, growth, or a move to a better location, businesses in the Bothell area need moving services. We strive to accommodate your move following our proven system. Often in office settings,  staircases and elevators need to be navigated. Our experienced moving team carefully handles your business’s furniture, boxes, and other items safely and efficiently.

Please contact us for more information about your business or office move. After a short conversation, we schedule your move and answer any questions you have. Read more about our pricing here.


Commercial Moving in Bothell

Small businesses and retail shops are a specialty of On the Go Moving and Storage. When moving to small retail locations, we aim to complete the move in one day. Our team of movers packs boxes prior to loading, even doing so the day before the move if that is easier for you.

If you are a small commercial location in Bothell and are seeking to move your business to another location, it would be our pleasure to discuss your moving plans with you. Please contact us so we can talk about the moving process and answer your questions. Read more about our pricing here.


Senior Moving in Bothell

It is our honor to serve seniors moving in the Bothell area. We have helped many families facing this situation by providing careful and trusted moving services to elderly persons who need to transition to a new house or retirement community.

Our team of movers remain in constant communication with you to ensure the day of the move goes smoothly, verifying that you and your family are comfortable with the moving process. As a benefit to our senior customers, we also provide a senior moving discount. 

Moving a loved one can sometimes be an emotional experience. That’s why we take a thoughtful approach on the day of the move to ease your state of mind. Know that you can always reach out to us when you need moving assistance. Give us a call to discuss the details and we’ll book your move on our calendar.


Storage Moving Services in Bothell

We also provide storage moving services to individuals and businesses. When trying to sell a home, residents may place items in a storage facility to declutter. Other times, residents are unable to move immediately and need a temporary location for their belongings. We can help you move items to and from storage if you need more space in your home or office.

Most traditional storage units are not temperature-controlled. However, we now offer temperature-controlled storage to all our clients. The units are 7 feet in length, 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall, and are located in a temperature-controlled warehouse. Our storage facility offers safety, security, and convenience. We offer monthly storage unit rental plans that allow you to safely pack and pad your belongings until you need them.


Standard Bothell Moving Prices

We bill our moving services hourly. Our time starts when we depart from our Redmond warehouse located north of 85th Street and Willows Road, and continues until your move is complete and we return to the On the Go Moving and Storage warehouse. Please note that we bill our time in quarter-hour increments.

Our rates differ based on the number of movers involved. Every additional mover adds to the hourly rate. We calculate our rates based on the use of one truck, but if your move requires additional trucks, the rate increases accordingly.

Our packages come with all of the moving equipment needed to finish your Bothell-area move, including pads, dollies/hand trucks, covers, wraps and protective items for your belongings. We always take precautions to prevent nicks, dings, scrapes, scratches and breakages. In addition to protecting your belongings, we make every effort to protect the buildings we enter. Read more about our pricing here.


Labor-Only Services in Bothell

In some instances you may want to move with your own truck and equipment, but need some extra help. In those cases, we can provide labor to help you lift and move your items. Our labor-only moving services in the Bothell area can help you. The hourly rate increases by per hour per mover if you need additional movers. Read more about our pricing here.


Packing Services in Bothell

We also offer packing services for your move. Packing is a daunting and time-consuming task, but our movers have packing skills and experience to make your move worry-free. Let us help you with the packing process and pack all of your items prior to move day. Read more about our pricing here.


Supplemental Coverage and Protection in Bothell

We offer supplemental valuation coverages for your move to protect your items with an insurance policy. Here are three options for you to consider.

  • Basic Value Protection: Read more about our pricing here.
  • Replacement Coverage at Cost: Read more about our pricing here.
  • Replacement Protection (based on value): Read more about our pricing here.

We are proud to offer you free basic value protection for every move, and if you wish to increase your level of protection we gladly provide it to you for an extra fee.

Contact Bothell WA Movers Near You

Providing you with dependable and safe moving services on move day is a privilege and honor for us. Our experienced team carries out your move as you relocate in the Bothell area and handles your move with efficiency and care – our priority above all else is to ensure your satisfaction. We proudly tout our many pleased clients in the Bothell area who recommend us to their friends, families and business associates. Please contact us today or learn more about our services and pricing to answer all of your moving services questions.

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