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Need help with your Sammamish move? The crew at On The Go Moving and Storage is here to help you. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment, house, or into a new facility for your business, we are a company that can take on any and every move, no matter the size.

Moving Rates in Sammamish Washington

Find our rates here. We understand that no two moving jobs are exactly the same. This is why we’ve developed flexible packages that allow you to select the services that you need, when and how you need them. All of the above services are priced based on the number of movers required to complete your Sammamish area move.

Not only do we come with the experience and manpower for an easy move, we also come with all the protection. We bring protective coverings for carpet and hardwood, as well as pads for the doorways and banisters.

We are Local:

Residential Moving

Sammamish WA cheap movers near meWhether you’re a college kid moving into a new dorm room or a large family moving into a new house, our crew at On The Go Moving is ready to help you out. Our flat rates and flexible packages make it simple to determine your final costs and ensure you’re not paying for services that you don’t need. Our service abilities for your Sammamish move are as follows:

Business Moving

If you’re a new business, or if you’re moving to a building new to your business, we’re excited to be able to help welcome you to the area through our Sammamish moving services. No matter the size of your business, we can accommodate your desired schedule and timeline for moving. We understand that every day down is a day your business loses money, so we are careful to work quickly and efficiently. Learn more about our business moving services.

Senior Moving

For our moving services, including complete move and labor-only packages, we provide all equipment necessary. This includes dollies, moving pads, and a toolkit to allow us to assemble/disassemble furniture as needed. You may handle the disassembly and reassembly yourself if preferred.

Labor-Only Moving Services

Our labor-only plan makes it easy for those who have their own transportation already, are moving down the hall to a new apartment or dorm, or are moving out of the area entirely to get the help they need packing up their belongings. We provide the manpower necessary to move boxes and furniture and carefully load it into your vehicle for transportation to your new home.

Our labor-only basic package includes basic equipment (such as dollies and tools) as well as two movers.

Packing Services

Our packing-only services are available at the same rate as our moving services, with the additional costs of any moving materials needed during the packing process. Our packing-only service can be scheduled over several days, combined with your moving day, or scheduled in advance, according to your needs.

For those who need the packing service in conjunction with our moving package, the rates for a move applies. Each additional packer and mover will increase the hourly rate by $45 per hour. Travel time, which begins when our crew leaves our warehouse in Redmond and ends upon their return, will apply.

Supplemental Valuation Coverage

We offer three types of supplemental valuation insurance to help protect you during your move. They are as follows:

  1. Basic Value Protection: Free of charge, compensation is .60 per pound for a damaged item.
  2. Replacement Cost Coverage with $300 Deductible: The cost of this insurance is $1.15 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment.
  3. Replacement Value Protection: The cost of this insurance is $1.40 per $100.00 of value for the entire shipment.

Apartment Moving

All moves include the Basic Value Protection coverage. If you would like increased protection, let us know when you call for your free quote and we will provide that additional cost in your estimated price. Contact our team today.