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Belltown has a population of just over 14,000 people and is one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods. Living in Belltown Seattle gives residents the full experience of the Emerald City. 

People living in Belltown are able to enjoy trendy restaurants and bars, plenty of green parks, hip music venues, art galleries, and every amenity a tech-oriented person could want. 

If you are considering moving to Seattle and have chosen Belltown as the neighborhood you’d like to relocate to, here’s everything you need to know about living in this vibrant neighborhood. 

Living in BellTown Seattle

Things to Do in Belltown Seattle

Being so close to downtown Seattle ensures that Belltown residents never lack for things to do. No matter what your passions or interests include, you can find a community of like-minded people in the Belltown neighborhood.


Best Restaurants in Belltown Seattle

When it comes to dining, the Belltown neighborhood has some of Seattle’s best restaurants. If you are a foodie, here are some of the best restaurants in Belltown that deserve a dinner date.

  • Petra Mediterranean Bistro is a Middle Eastern restaurant serving dishes from Jordan, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey, and Northern Africa.
  • Shiro’s Sushi is an upscale sushi restaurant serving the finest and freshest seafood. If you are a fan of authentic, high-quality Japanese food, Shiro’s Sushi is one of the best restaurants Belltown has to offer.
  • Tavolàta is the place to go if you are looking for authentic homemade pasta. Visit Tavolàta for Italian-inspired dishes in a cozy atmosphere.
  • The 5 Point Cafe is the place to go if you are looking for a classic American diner. Serving breakfast all day, a guest at The 5 Point Cafe can build their own omelet, indulge in a hearty steak and eggs meal,  or enjoy a satisfying eggs benedict to start out their day.

belltown seattle restaurants


Best Bars in Belltown Seattle

Not only does the Belltown neighborhood possess some of Seattle’s best restaurants, but Belltown also has some great drinking spots within walking distance. Here are some of the best bars in Belltown, make sure to swing by one of these to celebrate your relocation to the neighborhood.

  • Some Random Bar offers a true gastropub experience. Enjoy craft cocktails, a decadent brownie sundae, and the finest pub-grub in Belltown. While many bars make patrons sacrifice decent food for good drinks, you won’t need to make any such sacrifices at Some Random Bar.
  • Wakefield Bar Belltown is a trendy, industrial bar serving craft cocktails and classic American pub food. Enjoy the chill atmosphere of Wakefield Bar Belltown along with a premium cocktail and a bite to eat.

belltown seattle bars


Belltown Coffee Shops

Being a neighborhood in Seattle is pretty much a mandate for having good coffee shops. If you are fond of a good cup of joe, here are some of the best coffee shops in Belltown Seattle:

Of course, having easy access to Pike Place Market means you can also visit the very first Starbucks store anytime the urge takes you. 

belltown coffee shops

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FAQs About Living in Belltown Seattle

Now that you have an expansive list of things to do in Belltown, let’s answer some of the most important questions about what it’s like living in Belltown Seattle. 


What is the Seattle Belltown Neighborhood Like?

Similar to San Francisco, the Belltown neighborhood is home to primarily liberal-leaning young professionals. People living in Belltown have access to good public schools, light rail, prime real estate, and a very urban neighborhood aesthetic. The average age is slightly lower than Seattle neighborhood Queen Anne. 

While the cost of living is moderate-to-high, the diverse, fun, and welcoming culture gives you many reasons to move to this part of Seattle. If you are moving to the Belltown neighborhood in the near future, you can be certain that you will be able to find a community to be involved in and lots of new friends.


Is Belltown Seattle Safe? gave the Belltown neighborhood a C- rating on crime and safety. When asked about whether or not they feel safe, people that live in Belltown report that the neighborhood feels overall pretty safe. Crime is low, drug dealers sparse, and homelessness under control. 

If you have concerns about crime and safety in Belltown Seattle, we’d recommend joining a community Facebook group of Belltown residents and asking members about their experience living in Belltown. 

Moving to Belltown Seattle? 

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