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Moving to the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle in the near future? On top of packing and preparing for your upcoming move, you also want to be sure that you know what living in Beacon Hill is like before you move in.

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Living in Beacon Hill Seattle


What Is Beacon Hill Like? 

Beacon Hill is a calm, primarily residential neighborhood south of downtown Seattle and just east of the I-5. This is a bedroom community where folks sleep, spend the weekends, and then commute into the downtown for work. As such, Beacon Hill is significantly more relaxed than other neighborhoods in Seattle like Capitol Hill or Queen Anne. 

Because it is less developed than other parts of Seattle, Beacon Hill is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in town, with reasonable real estate prices. One downside of Beacon Hill’s quiet atmosphere is that businesses are few and the neighborhood is almost exclusively residential. 

Parks and outdoor recreation opportunities are also limited, making Beacon Hill ideal for couples, singles, or families with older children who are able to commute for entertainment and recreation. 


What Are Beacon Hill’s Schools Like? 

If you have kids or are planning to have kids during the time you will be living in Beacon Hill, this is an important question to ask.

According to, Beacon Hill ranks on the higher end of Seattle neighborhoods in terms of education quality. gave Beacon Hill public schools a high score of A-, which means public school students and parents are more satisfied in the Beacon Hill neighborhood than in many other Seattle neighborhoods. 


Things To Do in Beacon Hill 

Since Beacon Hill is primarily residential, there aren’t as many activities, businesses, or things to do as in other Seattle neighborhoods. This section of the blog post will introduce you to the lay of the land and what your business and recreational options are. 

Beacon hill seattle restaurants


Restaurants in Beacon Hill, Seattle

Pickings are slim when it comes to restaurants in Beacon Hill. Fortunately, the few dining options in the neighborhood have extremely high reviews: 

The restaurant options in Beacon hill reflect the international flavor of this Seattle neighborhood. 


Shopping in Beacon Hill, Seattle

There’s only one small grocery store located within Beacon Hill, Beacon Hill Foods, but there are a number of shopping options located around the perimeter of the neighborhood. These include: 

These shopping options are all within a 25-minute walk or 5-minute drive from the center of Beacon Hill. 


things to do in beacon hill seattle


Recreational Things To Do in Beacon Hill

While not the most active neighborhood in town, Beacon Hill still has a few recreational options to keep residents busy. These include: 

  • Jefferson Park Golf Course; a sprawling 9-hole course located just north of Beacon Hill and equipped with practice greens, a driving range, and even a restaurant.
  • Beacon Food Forest; a community garden where you can give back to the local community by planting and caring for a wide variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Dr. Jose Rizal Park; a greenspace perched on the northern edge of Beacon Hill. This park has stunning views of downtown Seattle and Elliot Bay, making this a great place to picnic. There’s also a small playground for children and an off-leash area for dogs. 
  • The Beacon Hill Branch of the Seattle Public Library; the library is a gorgeous building, equipped with free public computers, wi-fi, quiet study rooms, and other business and school equipment. 

For Beacon Hill residents looking for more activities or nightlife, downtown Seattle can be reached by car in just 10 minutes, or by the light rail in 23 minutes. 


Moving to Beacon Hill Soon?

Planning a move to the Beacon Hill neighborhood soon? Here at On The Go Moving, we know that relocating is a stressful time. We want to ease the stress of moving from your shoulders and help you get your move done.

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