Packing for a move is always a daunting task.

You might be looking at your closet of clothes and wondering where in the world to start, how to pack your nice clothes so they won’t get damaged or wrinkly, and how you will keep your clothes accessible for when you need them.

how to pack your clothes for a move

All these are good things to consider before you begin your packing process and, on top of these, there may be a few other things that you may be forgetting to plan for. That’s why we at On the Go Moving have compiled a packing list for your convenience.

Packing your clothes can be a good place to start for people moving homes, and can really get the ball rolling for the whole packing process.


Recycle and Donate the Clothes You Don’t Use

First things first, if you have old or unused clothing items, consider donating them or sending them to a fabric recycler.
Failing to complete this step will result in longer packing times, as you are forced to take all your forgotten clothing items with you to your new house. It will also take up more space in the moving truck and will cost you more as it will take the moving crew longer to load.

By recycling and donating the clothes you no longer use, you are saving yourself time, stress, and money.


How to Pack Your Clothes if You’re Moving Homes

When packing day comes, you need to know the most efficient, time-resourceful way to pack your clothes.

Here are a few things to consider when you begin the clothes packing process:

Pack Off-Season Clothing First

If you are moving homes during the summer, pack your winter/fall wardrobe first. As these clothes are not currently in use they can be packed securely away as you likely won’t be needing them at any point during the moving process.

Prepare a Clothes Bag for One Week

Pack a smaller bag with a week’s supply of clothes so that you have outfits to wear during the move and can easily have them washed and wear them again during moving week. You should pack items that you need on a daily or weekly basis so that you are able to dress comfortably and appropriately to suit your different activity needs.

Items that Can’t Be Folded

If you have clothing items that can’t be folded, consider getting a small garment hanger and transporting them in your own car.

Alternatively, purchasing a hanging clothing bag and stowing it in your car will protect delicate items from wrinkle, sun damage, and water.

Shoes and Delicate Items

When packing shoes and other delicate items, On the Go Moving recommends that you pack them using individual storage or smaller boxes. Giving each set of shoes their own small box will prevent you from having mismatched shoes and having the chore of sorting through a large box or bag looking to make a pair. Organizing and packing shoes and delicate items this way will help you avoid mismatching or lost shoes and will also keep your delicates safe and organized.

Use Your Luggage During the Move

Instead of seeing your luggage pieces as another item to move, take your move as an opportunity to make full use of them. Pack clothing and other items inside and capitalize on all that extra storage space. Using luggage for packing can be really handy and offers more accessibility than simply packing items in boxes.

Avoid Packing Dirty Laundry

Something to consider when packing your clothes for moving day is dirty laundry. It can be hard to avoid packing dirties – after all, we do have to dress every day – but if at all possible avoid packing dirty laundry as this can result in unpleasant smells and you having to rewash all of your clothes after the move.

Utilize the tip we mentioned earlier and pack a small bag of clothes for a week. Instead of packing clothes once they’ve been worn and are dirty, get them to a laundromat or simply separate them into a small plastic bag.


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Those are our best tips for how to pack clothes for the easiest moving experience possible. Moving can be a stressful time for many people, but utilizing all the moving hacks possible will help make moving homes easier and more efficient.

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