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If you and your family are moving to Ballard, WA, our location experts from On The Go Moving & Storage have you covered. We have over a decade of experience serving the residents of Ballard and people from the international community who want the latest tips on moving to Ballard.

10 Reasons to Move to Ballard, WA

The Food

You can find some of the best seafood dishes in America at Ballard’s independently-owned restaurants.

The Nightlife

Single people and young professionals line the sidewalks of Ballard Avenue, where they meet new people in bars and pubs.

The History

You can find the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, honoring immigrants all over Seattle.

The Great Weather

Ballard enjoys a mild, temperate climate, where temperatures never go above 60 degrees in the summertime or below 40 degrees in the winter.

The Good School Systems

High school students from Ballard have a 4% higher finishing rate than the rest of Washington.

The Higher Cost of Living

Living in Ballard costs 2% more than living anywhere else in Seattle.

The Safety

Highly gentrified neighborhoods like Whittier Heights, Loyal Heights, and Phinney Ridge make Ballard 39% safer than living in the Seattle core.

The Housing Market

According to Redfin, the Ballard housing market appreciated 18.7% in 2022.

The Employment and Income

According to AreaVibes, the median household income in Ballard is 67% higher than the national average.

The Access to the City

Ballard gives you unobstructed access to Seattle institutions Kerry Park, the Seattle Art Museum, Woodland Park Zoo, and many more.

Pros and Cons to Move to Ballard WA


  • City Wide Growth

Ballard is attracting more young professionals and starter families, responsible for its 54.1% population growth since 2010.

  • Major Job Growth

The post-pandemic economy created over 531,000 jobs in Washington, and young professionals in Ballard are reaping the benefits.

  • Eclectic Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods like Fremont, Phinney Ridge, and Greenwood are renowned for their culture and artistry.

  • Plenty of Outdoor Activity

Outdoor watersports in the Puget Sound and other physical activities in the Golden Gardens Park await people moving to Ballard, WA.

  • Dog Friendly

Attractions like Barking Dog Alehouse and Salt & Sugar offer dog-friendly treats and heated patios for your pup’s perfect day in the neighborhood.

  • Great Restaurants

Sunny Hill, Cafe Munir, and Copine are just three of 17 restaurants that make Ballard “one of Seattle’s best dining neighborhoods,” according to Eater Seattle.


  • Expensive Housing

The Ballard real estate scene is a seller’s market, with over 58% of residential structures selling for more than their prices.

  • The Weather

Ballard seasonally experiences hurricane-force winds and windstorms because of its proximity to Puget Sound.

  • Bad Traffic Patterns

Traffic is getting worse in a few sections of Ballard because of heavy gentrification and recent population growth.

Things to Know Before Moving to Ballard WA

Ballard Climate

As mentioned above, Ballard, WA, features a temperate climate perfect for watersports and outdoor activities. However, its closeness to the Pacific renders it vulnerable to windstorms and other adverse weather events.

Ballard Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods like Blue Ridge and Sunset Hill are quiet areas suitable for growing families. The Ballard core is a much busier area.

Registering Your Car

Ballard residents can register their watercraft, trucks, and cars with help from state licensing specialists.

Ballard Schools

Ballard has eight elementary schools, one middle school, and Ballard High School, one of the most prestigious schools in Seattle.

Ballard Employment

93.95% of professionals in Ballard work white-collar jobs, while 6.05% are blue-collar employees. 

Living Costs In The City

The cost of living in Ballard is 62% higher than the national average.

Ballard Moving Resources

Five moving companies operate out of Ballard. On The Go Moving & Storage is proud to be the number one choice.

Ballard Transportation

Public transit like the Seattle Monorail and bus routes 49, 271, and 7 connect Ballard to many high-traffic areas.

Culture and Contemporary Life

Ballard is proud of its Scandinavian and mariner roots. Local organizations host annual seafood festivals to highlight their culture.

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