The holiday seasons are just around the corner. Even though this is a time for celebration, it can also be moving time for many families across the Pacific Northwest. While moving into a new house may add to the magic of the holidays, the packing and relocating process can be a lot less glamorous.

However, that doesn’t mean that your move has to spoil the festive spirit of the year’s end. Below, we’ve assembled tips from our professional crew to help you reduce the stress that comes with moving during the holidays.


Why Move During the Holiday Season?

Regardless of the holiday that your household celebrates, establishing yourself in a new house can feel like a fresh start. Besides new friends and belongings to get used to, it can also bring a family closer and make the members appreciate each other’s company more than ever.

moving during the holidays

Moving during the holidays also poses a series of other benefits. The majority of families don’t move at this time of year, which means you can usually take advantages of great holiday deals.

At the same time, you’ll also find that movers like On the Go Moving’s team are full of the holiday spirit and eager to help you get settled into your new home.


Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Despite the fact it can represent the beginning of something beautiful, organizing a move around your holiday celebration can be challenging. Besides keeping gifts hidden from the little ones, you’ll also have to find a reliable provider and carve time in your schedule for packing.

Here are some tips to help you reduce stress levels during your holiday move:

A cluttered house is never good news and what better time to donate unused items than before your holiday relocation. You can even make it a family activity and choose the specific charity you’ll donate to as a group and go through old belongings together.

Then, you can take down the items together or in teams in order to give your household members a taste of the giving holiday spirit.

Find Ways to Cut Costs

One thing all holidays have in common is that they usually come accompanied by gifts. This also means additional expenses, and sprinkling your moving costs on top can quickly add up to a costly season. You should try to cut moving costs whenever possible without sacrificing the safety of your items or the quality of the service you choose.

Start by finding cardboard boxes at local shops rather than purchasing brand new ones. In addition, you can recycle old magazines and newspapers by wrapping your fragile items with them before packing instead of purchasing bubblewrap.

Organize Your Packing for the Holidays

Most families dread packing, but you can take a completely different approach. Playing holiday music, putting out snacks, and packing a separate decorations box will help lighten up the mood – not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to find and put up your decorations as soon as you get into your new house.

Check the Weather Report

The weather can play an important factor during your move, especially during winter. Make sure you check the weather forecast and prepare your move accordingly.

Remember to Send Out Address Updates

Updating your address during the holiday season is of extra importance. Besides ensuring that all of your banks and providers have your new address, you also need to inform your family members and friends. You never know who will send a card or a surprise gift this year!

Go Through Your Move-Out Checklist

Even though moving and packing get all of the attention, preparing your house for your departure is also extremely important. Besides ensuring you get your deposit back, it will also help scour through your old home and verify you’re not leaving anything behind.

The best thing you can do is find a reliable move-out checklist that covers most, if not all of your moving requirements. You may want to print out a copy and have a pen handy so you can customize it and mark the tasks you finish.

Contact Your Mover Ahead of Time

Finding a reliable mover is imperative, but you also want to make sure they’re not too busy on the day you want to move!

Always book your movers in advance, and make special arrangements (if necessary) if you want to move on the exact date of any specific celebration.


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Moving during the holiday can be complicated, but with the right planning, you can reduce the stress and still have an amazing time with your family. Our team of moving specialists will be glad to assist in your holiday move, so get in touch with us today.

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