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Moving: The Wise & Prepared Way

Whether it is long-distance or around the corner, creating a list of things to do when moving is the only way to make the busy day less stressful and emotional. The On The Go Moving professionals recommend starting preparations at least eight weeks in advance, setting up tasks for every week leading up to the move. Organization keeps the momentum going and makes things simpler before, during, and after the relocation.

Drawing up a list of things to do when moving into a new house is essential to keep surprises to a minimum and ensure each item arrives intact.

Young couple packing and checking stuff by using checklist before moving to new residence.


Moving Checklist

List of Things to Do Before Moving

No matter the destination, it is important to have time to relax and decompress before, during, and after the move—a long list of things to do when moving helps tremendously in this regard.

Start with the following items before the move:

  •       Research moving services. Ask for quotes, read reviews, and decide how much you want the moving company to handle.
  •       Set a moving budget. Set your expectations and decide how much you can spend on the move. Many movers offer extra services that you could trim to tailor a move to your budget.
  •       Give notice. You have a legal obligation to inform the landlord that you are moving if you currently have a rental lease. Review the lease conditions and details of breaking it before you make the call.
  •       Consider a storage unit or truck rental. If you need either of these features, book well in advance.
  •       Purchase moving supplies. Once you know the date of the move, start organizing boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and other useful supplies. Get several extra boxes—most On the Go Movers customers underestimate how much stuff there is to pack.
  •       Notify the insurance company. Contact your home insurance, auto insurance, and medical insurance companies to let them know about the move. They will need a date and location, and you may need to find a new insurer if they don’t do business in your new area.
  •       Tell friends and family. They will want to know and may offer support during the process.
  •       Start sorting. If you have not yet done a full Marie Kondo walkthrough of your possessions, it is best to do so well before the moving day. Donate or recycle unwanted items (if in doubt, don’t take them). A helpful guideline is to only hold onto things you have used in the last year.
  •       Start the packing. Non-essentials and seasonal items are a great place to start. Keep an inventory, and label the boxes with specifics so that you know how to handle them—it saves ample time when unpacking.
  •       Arrange child or pet care. Animals or children underfoot make a move more stressful. Rather, schedule a babysitter or pet sitter for the moving day.
  •       Check utility transfers. Check that your utilities transfer correctly to your new area so that you have power and water available as the move happens.
  •       Take time off. Add taking time off to your list of things to do when moving into your new home. Moving requires time and effort, and it is incredibly beneficial to have a day or more to unpack and decompress.


On The Day Before

  •       Pack a day bag. You will need a change of clothes, toiletries, medication, linen, towels, and any other essentials. Pack another bag that you’ll keep on you with your wallet, valuables, documents, and energizing snacks.
  •       Notify your neighbors. Some neighbors need time to move their cars out of the way and will appreciate the respect you offer by telling them about the planned event next door.
  •       Clean the new home. If it is possible to do so, cleaning before you move in is one of the greatest planned things to do when moving—there is nothing better than a sparkling new space in which to start unpacking.

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List of Things to Do During the Move

  •       Pack smartly. Our movers recommend packing in reverse order: non-essentials first, essentials and appliances afterward. You can access important items without digging through everything.
  •       Do a final sweep. Check that you have everything, focusing on easy-to-miss areas.

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List of Things to Do After Moving

  •       Change the locks. A new set of keys will maximize your new home’s security features.
  •       Unpack. Smart packing makes this step relatively fun and exciting—enjoy it!

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Choose the Best Moving Company

When moving into a new home, the movers will have a massive impact on your experience. Experienced companies like On The Go Moving will accelerate the moving process and provide peace of mind.

If you want help curating a list of things to do when moving, contact us at (206) 429-4045 today!