Moving Your Business in Seattle

At On the Go Moving, we aim to deliver reliable business moving services for all companies in Seattle. Whether you need to move your office equipment or the contents of your entire workshop, our seasoned team of movers is here to help.

We’ve earned a reputation as the premier business moving company in Seattle and can help you move to any part of the city or its surrounding areas.

Our team of moving specialists understand the importance of efficiency. Unlike residential jobs, every day that a company spends moving is a day it loses money. We aim to accompany you through the entire relocation process so you experience minimum downtime.

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By employing efficient methods that don’t compromise the safety of your items, our team can help reduce the stress that comes with moving into a new office and getting your business on track.

Your business needs to get back on its feet quickly and the On the Go Moving team is here to make it happen.


Our Seattle Business Moving Services

The first step to a successful business relocation is planning. Our team of experts will meet with you before the day of your move in order to discuss the best approach. At the same time, we survey the items that need to be moved in order to design a moving strategy that will keep them safe every step of the way.

Rest assured that our movers will help relocate your business to your new premises as quickly as possible, allowing you to take advantage of potentially wasted time.

The On the Go Moving Crew

All of our team members are trained to deliver the best service to our customers, maintaining high levels of professionalism and keeping your items intact throughout the move. We use the latest tools and techniques to increase efficiency and relocate heavy items without putting anyone or anything at risk.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas of Service

Seattle is a beautiful city, and it also represents the region’s biggest financial hub. It’s home to thousands of companies that serve both locals and international markets. This is one of the reasons why we are proud to provide business moving services in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

If you are moving within the city center, to the outskirts, or to other cities such as Renton, Kirkland, or Bellevue, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Relocating businesses in Seattle quickly and efficiently is what we do.

Check Out Our Moving Service Plans

Your company is our priority, so all of our business moving services are customized to each of our client’s needs. We can organize a relocation job around the times and dates you prefer. Our team works with you to design a custom plan that suits your requirements and then proceeds once we receive your approval.

For commercial relocations, our goal is to reduce your company’s downtime without sacrificing security. Assets like office equipment can be valuable from a financial and operational point of view, so we do everything within our power to transport your items quickly and safely to your new premise.

Labor-Only Moving Services

Companies that want to provide their own transportation can take advantage of our labor-only moving services. This service is extremely helpful if you only need help to load and/or unload your office supplies. Besides saving you time, our team can move large furniture up and down stairs without putting anyone at risk.

Keep in mind that our labor-only business moving services in Seattle include all the basic equipment our team will need, including dollies and other tools as well. Our labor-only business moving services basic rate starts at $105 per hour and includes two movers. The cost increases by $40 per hour for each additional mover you request.

Packing Services

In addition to our Seattle business moving services, we also offer packing services for your company’s supplies. The cost is the same as our moving service, plus the price of the materials used to pack your items. We are extremely flexible, so we can split the entire project into two days or pack and move the same day.

If you need to pack and move the same day the rate is the same and we work on a running clock. If we pack and then move, the packing rate will be $105 per hour for two packers, plus an additional $40 for every additional packer you request. Note: the same travel time as moving services also applies.


Contact On the Go Moving Today!

At On the Go Moving, our team of specialists can help your relocation however you need. We can do all the packing, help with the loading and driving, or take on the entirety of the project.

Get in touch with us to reduce the stress from your Seattle business moving project and get your company running in no time.