Moving is a huge challenge. Having to move everything you own from your old home to your new home can cause a lot of stress, especially if you have pets that you’re moving with you. Dogs, cats and other animals love routines, and the process of moving can be jarring for them. The process of moving everything in your home, especially when it comes to moving and rearranging your furniture, can be disruptive and stressful for your pets. Today, we’re going to discuss several ways that you can prepare your pets for the move and make moving with pets much easier.

moving with pets

Moving With Pets: 7 Tips to Get You Started

1. Keep to Their Routine

The one thing you’ll want to make sure to do while in the middle of a move is sticking to your pet’s routine as much as possible. With all of the commotion going on in your home, it is more critical than ever that you feed them, walk them, play with them and give them attention at the times you normally do during routine life. Keeping to your pet’s routine will go a long way in keeping them at ease in the midst of all of the change that is going on.

2. Leave Suitcases and Bags Out

If you’ve taken a vacation before while owning your pet or gone out of town, there is a good chance that your pets know what it means when your bags and luggage come out. This can cause them to become nervous, sad, or stressed because of the association your pets have with your luggage and you leaving. One way you can condition your pets to be okay with having your luggage out is to put your bags out way ahead of time before you start moving. After they see the bags sitting out for weeks without you going anywhere, they’ll break their association with you leaving when your luggage is out.

3. Get a Pet Sitter

When you’re moving with pets, it can be difficult to keep track of your pets during the chaos. The last thing you want is for them to sneak off while you are loading and unloading, with the doors to your home constantly opening and closing. You may want to call up a friend and have them take care of your pets during the big days that you’re moving. Doing so will give you peace of mind in knowing that they are safe, and will keep them from getting lost during the move.

4. Keep your Pets Mentally Stimulated

During your move with pets, it’s beneficial to make sure your pets stay mentally stimulated. Pets can get stressed just like people, and moving can often cause stress and sadness for your pets, which is why keeping them mentally occupied as much as possible is an important part of a successful move with pets. It’s a great idea to get different types of toys that will distract them while you are moving with your pet – these will exhaust your pet, and make sure that they sleep well during the move.

5. Keep your Pets Physically Active

Along those same lines, another valuable way to make sure your pet is taken care of during your move is by giving them plenty of physical activity. Exercise and fresh air are great ways to give your pet the stimulation and love that it needs, and will keep them preoccupied with something other than the move. Make sure to walk your dog on their regular schedule; you may even want to schedule in some extra impromptu walks just to keep them active and relaxed.

6. Crate Train Your Pets

If you have not already, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and crate train your dog or cat before the move with your pets. Many people believe that pets don’t like being crated, but this is, in fact, false – the majority of pets, especially dogs, enjoy having a crate as a safe space. Being in a crate is like a security blanket for most pets, and they feel more relaxed in their safe space. If you have not crate trained your pet already, you don’t want their first time in a crate to be on moving day. Make sure that you take several weeks or months before moving with pets to crate train your pet so they are comfortable on moving day.

7. Using Background Noise

If you know that your pets are going to be left in your house (new or old) for a period of time while you make back and forth trips to your new home, you may want to leave on some background noise for your animals. Most pets, especially dogs, love having the TV and radio on; it helps give them the sense that they have company in the home while you are out.


Make Your Move An Easy Experience

Moving with pets can make the moving experience a bit more complicated, but it doesn’t to make your move more difficult. Use the above tips to keep your pets happy and make your move go smoothly. If you have any more questions about moving or need help with your next move, contact On the Go Moving today. We provide professional and personal moving services to the greater Seattle area and would love to help you and your pets get safely moved into your new home.