Have you ever seen someone prepare for a move by making piles of their stuff in their house, then packing their belongings straight into their car or a moving truck? Probably not – the last thing most people want when moving is a bunch of loose and fragile belongings rolling and flying around the inside of their moving vehicle. When preparing for a move, there are certain packing materials you will need to make your move safer and easier.

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Inexpensive Packing Materials for A Move

Of course, there are the usual packing supplies – boxes, bubble wrap, and the rest. However, there are also several cheap packing materials – often overlooked – that can be used to store your belongings as you move. Let’s take a look at some of these inexpensive packing materials that can be used for your move.

1. Suitcases and Luggage

One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give you while packing is to use the things that you have first. There’s no point in going out to collect or buy a ton of boxes if you already have plenty of things at home that you can use to store and move stuff in.

Most households have their own luggage or their own luggage sets. If you already have a lot of empty luggage and suitcases sitting in your closets, you might as well stuff them full of clothes and anything else you can fit in them. Turning your luggage into packing materials for a move is a great way to make moving easier and save on space since luggage already takes up lots of space regardless of whether it is packed or not.

2. Totes

Tote bags are another great, cheap packing material that can really come in handy when you’re moving from home to home. You can load almost anything in them; clothing, kitchen items and utensils, bathroom supplies, cleaning materials, tools, documents, pictures and many other things. If you are using open-top tote bags, you may want to bubble wrap or cover the important or fragile items that you put in them.

3. Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are another excellent, roomy way that you can move things from your old home to your new one. Duffel bags typically offer a lot of flexibility, space and plenty of handles and straps so that you can easily move clothing or anything else that you can pack in them. Duffel bags are also great for carrying shoes!

4. Backpacks

Depending on what kinds of backpacks you have, they may or may not offer as much space as your totes and duffel bags, but they do provide a really convenient means for moving. Backpacks are relatively easy to carry and they free up your hands so that you can move more in one trip. They are perfect packing materials for transporting computers and electronics, and are even better for keeping your valuables close to you.

If you are going to pack items that are expensive or have a lot of sentimental value, we recommend packing them in backpacks and keeping them close to you during your move. Keep your backpacks in the passenger seat of your car to make sure they don’t get crushed by heavier boxes and bags in the move. This also allows you keep an eye on them while you’re in transition.

5. Dressers and Storage Furniture

There’s a good chance that you have some large furniture that you are going to need to move, like dressers, cabinets, ottomans, and shelves that you are going to be moving to your new home. If you want to save a lot of space while you are moving and reduce the number of trips you need to make, we highly recommend using your dressers and storage furniture as packing materials for the move.

Instead of emptying your clothes out of your dressers and drawers, why not stuff them full and treat your dresser like a storage container? This can really help save space when you are moving and helps eliminate the need for buying more boxes or bags. Other storage furniture – like ottomans – can be used to store clothes, towels, pillows, blankets, board games, electronics and anything else you have room for.

6. Laundry Baskets

Laundry baskets or bags are other large containers that are great for helping you move houses. If you have a sturdy laundry basket, you can pack them full with heavy or light objects. It’s even more helpful if your baskets have some kind of handles that can make carrying them a little easier.

7. Garbage Bags

Garbage bags are also excellent and cheap packing materials, especially for bundling clothes into or consolidating clothes on hangers. Cut a hole in the bottom part of the garbage bag, then take a handful of your clothes on hangers and put the top of the hangers through the hole you just made. You now have an easy, protective way to move your clothes!


Moving With Innovative Packing Materials

Using items you already own and cheap household containers as packing materials, you can save money on your move and keep your pocketbook happy. If you’re looking for more ways to make your move easier, On the Go Moving provides moving services to the greater Seattle area that will make your move go smoothly and take the stress off of your shoulders.

Have any more questions, or need help with your next move? Contact us today!