Moving is a big summertime activity. When the kids are on break and out of school, it’s the perfect time to move into your brand new home. The only issue is that if you’re making plans to move in the summer, everyone else is planning on doing the same thing too!

With the high demand in the moving market during the majority of the summer months, we often see a rise in demand for movers and trucks, which means there is typically less availability with storage units, higher pricing due to the surge in demand, and a lack of availability in your mover’s schedule.

10 Tips for Moving During the Winter

Thankfully, avoiding the summer hassles of moving is as simple as picking a different time of the year to move. We recommend planning your move during the winter time for several reasons that will save you a lot of time, headache, and money. With that in mind, here are our top 10 tips to make your winter move an easier mission.

moving during the winter

1. Lower Cost of Moving

Moving can be expensive during the summer, and there is a chance that cost could be a major factor of consideration for your next move. One of the reasons we highly recommend the winter as the prime time for moving is because with lower demands, come lower prices. Since moving companies aren’t as busy during the winter months of the year, pricing will be cheaper and more flexible.

2. More Flexibility in Your Moving Schedule

With less demand and lower pricing comes more flexibility in the schedule of your movers. Since every moving coming in your area won’t be booked for months, you are going to have more flexibility in when you want to move, and when moving companies are available.

3. More Comfortable Weather

Some may not enjoy the cold weather during a move, but if you have ever moved in summer you may think otherwise. Moving in the summer heat can be miserable, and a winter move can be so much more comfortable as long as you layer up appropriately.

4. You Don’t Have to Worry about Overheating

Another major concern with moving during the summer is having perishable or fragile items destroyed by the heat. This can range from food and clothing to furniture and appliances. Moving during the colder months of the year will help preserve your perishables and belongings.

5. Make Sure your Utilities are On

Another tip for winter moves involves setting up your new home to be as comfortable as possible. Before you even start the process of moving, check with your utility company to see if all of your utilities are set up and active. This includes electricity, water, gas, phone, and your internet connection.

6. Keep Your Floors Clear

One item that we can’t stress enough is that during winter moves you need to make sure your floors are clear. With the likelihood of both rain and snow, the last thing that you want is to be running into a water or ice hazard while you are handling heavy furniture or equipment. Keep yourself and your movers safe by keeping your floors clean and clear.

7. Wear the Right Shoes

In the event that you will be facing rain or snow, you are going to need the right shoes for the job. Weather permitting, your sneakers may be fine, but if you are going to be dealing with wet and slippery surfaces, make sure that you have a reliable pair of heavy, warm, waterproof boots with good tread.

8. Utilize Outdoor Lighting

Another challenge of moving in the winter is that you are not going to get as many hours of sunlight. We highly recommend keeping a light source in mind when you are moving; this may involve renting or buying a popup outdoor lighting rig, borrowing one from your movers, or just making sure you have enough outdoor lighting from your house.

9. Pack Tarps

During the winter months, you need to make sure to keep your belongings dry. Getting some large pieces of tarp from your hardware store is handy for keeping your personal items and furniture protected and dry.

10. Pack Blankets

Blankets are not only great for keeping you and your team warm while moving, but they are also great for protecting fragile and valuable items. You can never have enough blankets on hand while you are moving.

Winter Moving You Can Rely ON

Avoiding the hassles of a summer move and plan your move during the winter time to save you time, headache, and money. On the Go Moving provides reliable, personal moving services that will get you moved into your new home quickly and stress-free. Contact us today to see how we can help you.