Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience regardless of whether you’re moving up the street or across the country. One of the most difficult challenges as your moving date approaches is figuring out what to do with any extra stuff that won’t fit on the truck.

What should you do to handle this crisis? Find the best temporary storage in your area and drop those items off so you can sort through them later and decide what to keep, sell, or donate at your leisure. Choosing the right temporary storage unit for your needs can be a little tricky if you haven’t done it before, so we’ve assembled this helpful guide to help you get the best temporary storage in your area.

temporary storage units

Why Should You Use a Temporary Storage Unit?

Temporary storage is classified as any term for 90-days or less, so this is an excellent option if you are moving and just need a place to put all the extra stuff you didn’t have time to sort through before a move. The benefits of temporary storage units are many, but the ones that matter most when you’re in the process of moving are:


Scheduling your storage unit for the same day as your move is the way to make temporary storage simple, and it’s extremely easy to do with an advance notice. If you’re moving locally, use your moving truck to transport those items to storage first before packing up the truck for the move. Many short term storage facilities also offer 24-hour access 7-days a week with an access card and locker key for your unit. That means easy access to sort things out whenever you want.


Putting your large appliances and other big ticket items you may not have room for in your new place is far more cost-effective than selling or donating them with the intent to replace them later. It’s often better just to drop these things in a storage unit for a bit and then get back to them later as you have time.


Keep your precious items safe from elemental damage caused by temperature and humidity. Photo albums, music collections, musical instruments, and many other keepsakes and heirlooms do not tolerate extremes in temperature and humidity well. Keeping them in temperature controlled storage ensures your items are still in usable and full-value condition when you come to take them out again.

Buys You Time

Even if you have to move in a hurry to take advantage of an opportunity, using temporary storage means you have plenty of time to sort through everything without the stress and pressure of moving day on your shoulders. The added time also helps you make informed choices about what to keep versus what to get rid of, too.


Finding the Best Temporary Storage Service in Your Area

Knowing you need temporary storage is only half the battle; you also need to find the best temporary storage units near you. Here are some tips to get you started.

Online Reviews and Reputation

Get on your web browser and check reviews for local temporary or short term storage facilities. Remember to check 3-4 star reviews first as they have a tendency to be more accurate. While online reviews are not always the most reliable source of information regarding the customer experience offered by a business, they are a good starting place.

Space Available

Check to see how large the storage spaces are and if the facility has enough space available during your target storage dates. A phone call to the facility supervisor or manager is generally the most reliable method of getting this information.

Security Features

Find out if the facility is monitored 24/7, whether there is a staff member present at all times, and if the storage units have temperature and humidity control. All these details can help you decide if one facility is superior to another in terms of keeping your possessions safe.

Price and Service Quality

There is always the temptation to spend less since it’s only temporary storage, but if your belongings are spoiled or ruined due to the poor conditions at the facility those savings may evaporate completely. Compare prices, but make sure that your pricing matches the features.


Ask when you can have access to your storage unit, and if there are any days or times you would not have access to the facility. If you are planning a long distance move and need to leave items in storage at your point of origin, the ability to go back and access your container whenever you need to is extremely important.

Reliable Temporary Storage Provider

Are you local to the greater Seattle area? Need help moving or finding a reliable temporary storage solution? Contact On The Go Moving and Storage for the expertise and experience you need to help make your next move go smoothly. Contact us today for more information.