Business Moving Services in West Seattle

On the Go Moving is a trusted moving service in West Seattle that offers a comprehensive list of services to make it easier for your office and business space move. Trust us with packing, moving, and relocating your office to your new space anywhere in the West Seattle area.

Business moving services West Seattle

Efficiency remains one of the most important factors when moving your business to a new location, so you need movers who can handle the move quickly and effectively. Every day your office is in the midst of a move means a loss in operational time for your company; your employees can’t do their jobs until we do ours. Any delay on our end can turn into an expensive delay for your team, so our goal is to get your office in ready-for-work shape as fast as possible.


West Seattle Business Moving Services

A lot of planning goes into implementing your business move. Thanks to our professional movers, we have this process down to a science. We plan each detail prior to the move, giving you the assurance you need that we will move your entire business in a timely and careful fashion.

You shouldn’t have to fear that your move will turn into a logistical nightmare: On the Go Moving safely relocates your business assets in West Seattle.


Our Moving Staff in West Seattle

We hold our movers and other staff to the highest standards. In order to give you the best professional service possible, our staff shows up ready to work hard every single day. Our business handles the largest and toughest jobs, and has the experience and knowledge needed to take care of every move quickly and safely. When your company sees how much time and money you save by using On the Go Moving, contact us for your consultation.


Areas of Service

Our moving services are available to a wide range of cities located in the Seattle area; West Seattle is just one of these areas that we cover. Whether you have a move the size of the entire Seahawks’ team, or just a few chests’ worth of your most prized possession, we can handle it.


West Seattle Moving Service Plans

Our business moving service plans are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your company in West Seattle. We customize all of your information into a plan, inputting the times, dates and strategy for your move in our computer system to optimize moving times.


Labor-Only Services in West Seattle

Our movers are here for your company even if you have your own transportation. We can help you load and/or unload your office equipment. If you need to change an office space between floors, we also provide manpower for moving within the same facility.

The basic service is $95 per hour for two movers. Each additional mover increases this fee by $40 per hour. Our personnel provides tools and dollies for your move.


Packing-Only Service in West Seattle

On the Go Moving also provides you with stand-alone packing services. Depending on what works for you, we can pack on the same day as the move itself, or we can pack on a day before the move. For some businesses, we pack one day and then move the next. Same-day packing and moving means that we charge you on a running clock of an hourly rate since there are two activities going on at once. The rate is $95 per hour for two packers and $40 per hour for every additional packer.

No matter what you need for your business move, we have a service for you. We handle the packing, loading, and unloading for your West Seattle office move. Pack on your own and let us do the heavy lifting, or let us pack and move for your office or business move.

Let us make your upcoming office move as stress-free as possible. We’re the moving experts, and we will get your business quickly back up and running.

Contact us today about scheduling your planning process for your upcoming move in West Seattle.