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Relocating your business may bring great benefits, but it’s easier said than done. Regardless of the size of your company, moving the contents of your store or office can take a significant amount of time.

Besides the actual move, you also have to set time aside for packing as well as unpacking, both of which increase the risk of damaging your work tools.

On the Go Moving has earned the reputation as the premier business moving company in Bothell. Our team of seasoned relocation experts can help you through the entire moving process and get your company back up and running in no time.

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The Importance of Hiring Efficient Movers

Time is money in the business world. This means that every day and even every hour your company spends relocating can translate into a financial loss. Hiring a reliable moving company that has all the equipment and experience to swiftly pack and move your items is critical.

You should also pay special attention to the safety of your computers and other business tools. Technology plays a major role in most industries, so dropping a machine can result in costly repairs or the loss of sensitive data.

Our Bothell business movers carry the packing materials and use proven techniques to save both space and time during your relocation. By working with a team of professionals, you can keep your tools safe and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Business Moving Services in Bothell

Finding a reliable business moving service in Bothell is not always easy. Always take the time to check out reviews and make sure the company you choose will deliver a great experience for you and any team members involved.

In addition to handling delicate machinery, our crew members can also move heavy desks and awkward pieces of office furniture to your new space. We can work together with the folks organizing the move to ensure that all items are placed in the right area and that you can resume operations within the desired timeframe.

How to Organize Your Move

Organizing a business move in Bothell takes a lot of planning, depending on the size of your currents premises, its contents, and whether it’s located on the ground floor or not.

You may choose to direct the entire move yourself, but having an additional employee or two will help accelerate the process and give you insights as to where things should go.

Once you’ve decided how you will approach the move, contact your preferred moving company. At On the Go Moving, we provide commercial moving services in Bothell to companies of all sizes. Our schedule is extremely flexible, so we can even arrange a weekend or nighttime moves to reduce downtime.

Our Moving Services Plans and Prices

All companies have different requirements, so we strive to deliver tailored services to all of our clients. Contact us to work out any specific time or date arrangements and we’ll make sure you have a moving team ready the day and time you need it.

Our professional movers are trained to keep your items safe, but they will also deliver excellent customer experience. We do our best to reduce your move-related stress and help ensure that your company returns to its normal operation as quickly as possible.

Packing Services in Bothell

As we mentioned before, packing is a critical part of the moving process. Unfortunately, many companies overlook the importance of this step and either don’t do it properly or take much longer than expected.

This is the reason why we provide professional packing services. Our packing services in Bothell go for the same rate as our moving services, plus the price of the additional materials.

Keep in mind that our packing services can be hired the same day as our moving services or we can split your move into two parts. If we pack and move the same day, our rate runs on a running clock because of the combination of services being delivered at the same time.

If you decide to split your move into two parts, the rate for the packing day is $105 for two packers, plus $40 per hour for each additional workers requested.

Labor-Only Business Moving Services

If you have all the vehicles and packing needs sorted, our team can also take on labor-only projects. Our labor-only business moving service in Bothell is ideal for companies that are looking for the power required to load and unload their own vans.

The labor-only moving services cost $105 per hour for two movers and it includes basic equipment. Like the packing services, each additional mover requested will cost an extra $40 per hour.

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